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  1. voxel

    Mach-E vs Model Y: Best Family SUV Shootout

    Having owned 3 Mach-Es and 3 Model Ys (don't ask.. it gets messy) 2021/2022 Mach-E Premium AWD >> 2021/2022 Model Y Mach-E wins because of the features and price. Especially at the older $56K or $59K price points. However if we compare Performance trims: Model Y Performance > Mach-E GT...
  2. voxel

    Should I trade my ID.4 for a Mach E?

    VW removed premium audio from the 23 trims. Folks think HVBJB issues are bad but the ID.4 is glitchfest. My co-worker had his 2021 ID.4 AWD Pro S shutdown on him on the road while he was in Naples over the Labor...
  3. voxel

    What are the cons of changing at level 1 daily?

    I was about chime in and say L1 is horribly inefficient. This statement matches my experience (actually since I used a J-1772 extension cable that added more resistance... I got 60-65% efficiency on my RAV4 Prime and Model Y) "Charging via 120-volt outlets (the standard electrical outlet in...
  4. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    It depends on your standards and what other cars you drive. Compared to a Model Y and RAV4... the Mach-E ride quality is decent. Compared to my (former) Telluride and BMW i4? Heck no... it's bad on non-perfect roads except GTPE's Unbridled mode. Also handling is subjective too. A few others...
  5. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    The UK site lists the EV6 GT efficiency as 2.7 mi/kWh which lines up with the Mach-E GTPE efficiency I experience. With the smaller 77 kW battery that is 208 miles of range. The GV60 Performance has adaptive suspension but all reviewers complain about it so it remains to be seen if it works...
  6. voxel

    Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    VW ID.4 owners can use an OBD-II dongle and check if they are any cells with unusually different voltages Another reason to never use...
  7. voxel

    GT Performance Edition vs Standard GT worth it?

    It definitely needs tuning. Ford improved BlueCruise and 1PD blended braking over the past year. Here’s hoping they spend some time tweaking MagneRide settings. Right now, I can’t drive in Whisper on the GTPE. Too bouncy. It’s almost Chevy Bolt EUV bad.
  8. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    The EV6 GT is supposed to have non powered seats. For a rumored $65K car that’s pretty crazy. And the range will suck because of the 21” wheels. It’s the same problem with the BMW i4. The 18” and 19” have fantastic range but the performance 20” tires drop the range by 50 miles. Confirmed by...
  9. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    You probably have an older GTPE with an older BlueCruise because the newer 2022 models no longer ping pong. I drove back 40 miles eating Buc-ee’s from Daytona without touching the wheel except once because three cars were merging and I don’t like the situation. With that said, I had a Telluride...
  10. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    Why would anybody buy a EV6 GT if they aren’t going to track it? It supposedly has manual non-ventilated seats and those 21” wheels hammer range. EPA range is 206 or something. It’s not a road trip EV and it might cost $65K+ USD. I’m on a fake waitlist for one because pricing hasn’t been...
  11. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    If you want a lower riding position and better ride quality - consider an BMW i4 with adaptive suspension - which in Comfort mode feels like a luxury sedan but in Sport mode stiffens up like the GTPE in Unbridled. Sadly the i4 has poor rear passenger space, no frunk, and a small hatch/trunk so...
  12. voxel

    I put down a deposit for EV6. Don't hate me!

    What is the reason for getting a GT? Pure speed on the street? I don’t think the EV6 GT nor MME GT PE are great track cars. A tad too heavy. I was autocrossing my GTPE with an EV6 driven by the 2004 national Amod champ and while his times were decent they were nowhere near a dedicated light...
  13. voxel

    Unbridled extend and service error

    Took my GPTPE to an autocross event at Daytona and Unbridled Extended worked amazingly well (no service errors) for two runs then would NOT engage again no matter what I tried. I didn't have time to charge to 100% before arriving at track (I drove 50 miles to track and briefly topped up 10% to...
  14. voxel

    Anyone else slightly disappointed with Adaptive Cruise Control + Lane Centering (hands-on "Blue Cruise")?

    My 2021 Premium RWD SR was a ping ponging mess but BC did work well otherwise. My last 2 MMEs have solid BCs - occasionally will trigger a brief ping pong but 95% of the time does not. 22 Premium AWD ER and a GTPE trims.
  15. voxel

    MME vs Chevy Blazer EV

    Let's hope the Blazer doesn't follow after the Bolt... the 2022 Bolt EUV has horrible bouncy suspension that makes the Mach-E seem like a Caddy. I couldn't wait to get out of that test drive. Then again.. they might bring over the Lyriq suspension.
  16. voxel

    Hope today goes better than yesterday

    Maybe you should be saying that to random ICE owners now. "Nice Porsche... hope you don't have to replace in the engine in 5 years."
  17. voxel

    Out of Spec: Should you buy the IONIQ 5 or the Mustang Mach-E?

    The wait times for i4s is now 12+ months I think. I would have suggested a Polestar 2 but after my recent test drive of one(which was great) I do not think it is worth the $66K price tag for a fully loaded one. It feels more like a $45K car due to cheap interior, poor audio, buggy infotainment...
  18. voxel

    Shipping MME to Florida

    What about the Autotrain from VA to Sanford (north Orlando)? You only drive half the distance.
  19. voxel

    MME vs Chevy Blazer EV

    Lyriqs have been delivered and the review on the ride have been positive: "1. Ride quality is great, Sporty and firm...
  20. voxel

    Out of Spec: Should you buy the IONIQ 5 or the Mustang Mach-E?

    You need to sit in an iX... that SUV has the stupidest controls of any car I've driven. Why is there volume control and cruise follow distance on the center console?? The base price is $84K with a REASONABLE config with DAPP (adaptive cruise control) being almost $100K. I got the i4 used but...