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    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (10/3)

    "SCHEDULING" vs "PRODUCTION" Week explained : Scheduling is the act of scheduling a future production week. Production is the act of executing the schedule (building your Bronco that week). If your vehicle is scheduled to be built/produced during the weeks listed below, you can ignore this...
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    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/26) For Build Weeks 10/31 Through 11/28

    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/26) For Build Weeks 10/31 Through 11/28
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    Ford BlueOval City Breaks Ground -- Future Home of All-New Revolutionary Electric Truck and Advanced Batteries

    FORD BREAKS GROUND AT BLUEOVAL CITY, FUTURE HOME OF FUTURE ALL-NEW ELECTRIC TRUCK AND ADVANCED BATTERIES SEP 23, 2022 | STANTON, TENN. Ford has broken ground at BlueOval City, less than a year after the company and SK On announced a $5.6 billion investment in West Tennessee BlueOval City will...
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    Department of Homeland Security Debuts Upfitted Mach-E as Its First EV

    Press release: DHS Electric Vehicle Program Accelerates with Debut of First Fully Electric Law Enforcement Vehicle Release Date: September 19, 2022 WASHINGTON – Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) became the first federal agency to debut a battery electric vehicle (EV) fitted for...
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    Ford CEO Farley challenges dealers to cut EV cost to customers by $2,000 Ford's Farley will challenge dealers to cut EV cost to customers by $2,000 It needs to happen to stay competitive with Tesla, but some dealers may balk September 9, 2022. DETROIT — Ford Motor Co Chief...
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    📈 Mach-E August 2022 Sales Number: 3,120 Sold / 4,865 Produced

    Mach-E August 2022 Sales Highlights Mach-E Sales: 3,120 vehicles. Sales (YTD): 25,765 vehicles. August 2022 sales represents a 37.2% decrease from July 2022. Mache-E Production: 4,865 vehicles. Production (YTD): 46,690 vehicles. August 2022 production represents a 38.2% decrease from July...
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    My 2021 Job 1 Mach-E has a functional Frunk button!

    Oops, sorry about typo when adding more detail to thread title.
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    📈 Mach-E July 2022 Sales Number: 4,970 Sold / 7,872 Produced

    Mach-E July 2022 Sales Highlights Mach-E Sales: 4,970 vehicles. Sales (YTD): 22,645 vehicles. July 2022 sales represents a 54% increase from June 2022. In July 2022, Ford brand is second only to Tesla in the U.S. electric vehicle sales. Mache-E Production: 7,872 vehicles. Production (YTD)...
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    Current Mach-E production rate = 2,000 per week. Ramps up to 4,000/week next year.

    Says Lisa Drake, VP of EV Industrialization (during a recent Q&A): “You know in our Cuautitlan facility today where we make the Mach E? We make about 2,000 Mach Es a week,” “Demand clearly exceeds that and when we change over our plant next year we will accelerate very quickly to about 4,000...
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    BlueCruise Stats as of 7/28/22 -- 10.6M miles logged, used by 66.5K customers, OTA updated to 15K customers, 130K miles of Blue Zones coverage

    BLUECRUISE FORD POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE TRANSFORMS F-150, MUSTANG MACH-E MODELS FOR HANDS-FREE DRIVING JUL 28, 2022 | DEARBORN, MI Ford BlueCruise adoption is quickly growing as 15,000 2021 F-150 and Mach-E customers have received the technology through Ford Power-Up software updates with...
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    2023 Mach-E New Color: Vapor Blue Metallic

    New 2023 Vapor Blue Metallic color revealed on Ford's Dealer Connection site: