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  1. MachSpeed

    Couple black / white prototypes being transported

    The way Ford and most auto manufacturers transport cars is the cars have thigh down points and 99% of the time these thigh downs are not located on the axles.
  2. MachSpeed

    What if: Mach-E as a Coupe

    Interesting but out of but doesn't look right
  3. MachSpeed

    Mach-E Physical Colors Samples / Swatches

    Thanks for posting I'd still would like to see them in person.
  4. MachSpeed


    It seems there are plenty of dealers that see the Mach E as a threat and I don't understand why. With car sales slowing the Mach E is the perfect car to get people into the showrooms. Not everyone who comes into the showroom to look at the Mach E will buy one that makes it the perfect...
  5. MachSpeed

    Mach-E Towing Hitch Option Now Available!

    Probably a vent of some kind maybe for cooling the batteries
  6. MachSpeed

    Prototype Mach-E (in Rapid Red Metallic) showed up at work today

    Love the pictures some guys have all the luck.
  7. MachSpeed

    Mach-E Towing Hitch Option Now Available!

    Very cool I knew it would only be a matter of time.
  8. MachSpeed

    Is it a Ford?

    Very true but the Mustang runny pony is prominently displayed.
  9. MachSpeed

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    I know I may sound like a broken record but Black really makes the Mach E's body line pop
  10. MachSpeed

    Pictures of Mach E Prototype - Trev9667 on Youtube

    Black really makes the body lines pop.
  11. MachSpeed

    Will Ford build different Mach-E body styles (2 door etc)?

    Ford ha already said there will be no baby Mach E but who know there maybe a Mustang Stallion E. I do think the next gen Mustang coupe will have a electric option.
  12. MachSpeed

    Will you rebadge or stripe your Mach E?

    That's what I'm hoping for or figure how to make one myself.
  13. MachSpeed

    Will you rebadge or stripe your Mach E?

    I wouldn't rebadge but try and find a way to put a lighted pony on the front grill
  14. MachSpeed

    Baby Mustang Mach-E Rumored to be Coming!

    At least there is another fantastic EV coming
  15. MachSpeed

    Preproduction Mach-E Seen Driving on LA Freeway

    The Mach E is really making the rounds.
  16. MachSpeed

    Tax Credits

    I don't mind paying my fair share but I can see this getting out of hand. My state (WV) has a .57c gasoline tax and it also has a lottery that was supposed to help keep roads up but all this state is doing is patching the patches and putting up rough road signs. Where's the money, over taxing 1%...
  17. MachSpeed

    Tax Credits

    Well it looks like the States are getting greedy and are going to help kill EV's with higher taxes. Get ready for more states to charge EV fees in 2020
  18. MachSpeed

    Baby Mustang Mach-E Rumored to be Coming!

    A baby Mach E would be great depending on the range and the pricing.