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  1. Coronavirus impact

    You’re* Haha glad you think so but I don’t live for your approval or likes. Not bitter at all. Just answering your inquisition 😂 Nah, I think I’ve learned my lesson. Opposing views don’t seem to be welcome here. I’ll stick to the car related conversations only, thanks✌
  2. Coronavirus impact

    I do think before I post. I have been providing information and stats from a variety of sources. Being nice involves not calling people clowns. Whether it’s me or other members, so that advice is better directed elsewhere. I don’t list a car because I don’t own one yet. I do have a reservation...
  3. How will you mod your Mach-E?

    Does anyone in here have experience with old clear bras? Do they yellow/flake/peel? have you tried to remove them and been successful?
  4. $1500 deposit required for order via dealers literature?

    Awesome information. Thanks for finally putting to rest that when you reserve does have an impact on your build priority
  5. Coronavirus impact

    The doubling of deaths has not slowed. Your comprehension of infections, growth, and deaths is genuinely alarming. Saying things ‘differently’ is not synonymous with misquoting and taking things out of context. I’ve provided you other sources but you continue to whine about NYT. If you’re going...
  6. Coronavirus impact

    "Some will fail or don't care. While unfortunate, there is not much to be done to protect others." - Actually passing laws is a big way to protect people. kind of the whole point... @Ken7 You don't need to say sorry but I accept your apology. Thanks for sharing you're fascinating views on the...
  7. Coronavirus impact

    How is the news 'encouraging'? Because Trump said there wouldn't be a quarantine? I have 2 questions, 1) do you still believe things he says to be true at all? 2) does not quarantining NY suffice for encouraging? The doubling of deaths in NY is every 2 days (per NYtimes and as of this morning -...
  8. Anyone notice the new financing calculator on Mach-E reservation page?

    Could be old news but I swear there wasn't this calculator before (?) Obviously all subject to change but looks like it's taking the actual MME prices in automatically.
  9. Ford Suspends All North American Production

    Apologies started reading after the bullets for some reason.
  10. New Members Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone, I'm not only new to mustangs or EVs but cars in total! Passed my driving license as a kid in the UK but had no reason to own a car until now (lived in London, NY, and close to work in Seattle). Reserved premium AWD in infinite blue with SR battery and it will be my first ever...
  11. Ford Mustang Mach-E Timeline (Reservation to Delivery)

    Is this possible? I thought battery/color were only editable parts
  12. Mach-E Physical Colors Samples / Swatches

    Curious why the grabber blue model is the only one with blacked windows 🧐
  13. You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    You think you’ll get yours before they’ve left the factory in Mexico? 😆;)
  14. Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    Hopefully we'll have more details by then, can't imagine people willing to lock in their order configs without real photos of paint finishes/etc. If people bow out of their first edition orders will they open it up again or just utilise those units for test drives/etc? Anyway, decided to dive...
  15. Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    Thanks for reply. I’m actually looking at premium model and pushing budget for metallic paint and AWD extended range so that is a good suggestion since another push of $1800 would get me there and that battery option comes as standard on GT. But I’m not huge fan of fake mesh grill, prefer...
  16. Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    TLDR - are my only choices to reserve now and take delivery late 2020/ early 2021 OR take delivery early 2022 ? (assuming reservations open for next year??)
  17. Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    Hello all! Long time reader first time poster. Couldn’t be more excited for this car but I’m confused by the reports of it nearly being ‘sold out’. Per the source posted below; “According to reports from the Mach-E forum, Ford now has more than 40,000 reservations for the 2021 Ford Mustang...