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  1. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Looks like the Bolt is on there.
  2. Exterior Dimensions

    UK and Europe have different options than the US. I actually prefer the way their options are set up.
  3. So I joined the Mustang Club of America . . .

    While I don’t think we’ll get the same hate from the public as Tesla owners did when the model 3 launched, I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if my car got keyed in the first year.
  4. FordPass deal with Electrify America?

    One last thing, the deal for Hyundai only lasts through 12/25/20.
  5. FordPass deal with Electrify America?

  6. FordPass deal with Electrify America?

    FYI, the special rate is $.35 a minute.
  7. Lincoln's new EV based on the Rivian skateboard platform will be built in Mexico

    The total only counts cars sold in the US. If the 60/40 split is correct, then that’s 20,000 Mach E counted towards that total (minus cars sold in Canada). Ford’s credit should easily make it for a couple more years.
  8. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    2nd to last and roughly double the loss of 40% of the cars is an odd way of saying middle of the pack.
  9. Effect of true cold winter weather on EV range as tested in Norway

    EPA for the Kona is 415km. 10km off in cold weather is really impressive.
  10. You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    I’m not positive for the Mach E, but I’ve seen programmable garage and gate opener buttons placed there before.
  11. UK Tax Incentives to continue on EVs to 2022/23

    I wouldn’t say I’m begging for help, but here in Oregon there’s a cut off of $5k in credits at $50k for a given trim’s base msrp. I’d greatly appreciate it if the premium model came in at that price. As it stands, the base premium is effectively $12k more for me than the select and the select...
  12. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Speaking of EA, are their prices mislabeled on their site? They call out the Pass+ as providing a roughly 20 percent discount, but as far as I can tell there's no difference other than the $1 per charge vs $4 per month. ]
  13. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Ordered on 3/5 and had 100440xx. So the reservations are either random within sets of say 5000, divvied up by region, or going in order while backfilling cancelled numbers. It can’t be 100% sequential.
  14. Exciting thought for an American who ordered a premium.

    Maybe they’re counting on a decent number of people cancelling their orders and they’ll be able to redistribute the cars based off that number in the summer. Otherwise, guess my 2021 reservation just got upgraded to the 2022 model? Sigh.
  15. Tax Credits

    I’ve been wondering how the timing of this works in terms of federal and state tax credits. It makes sense with cars that are already out. The year the car is purchased is the year it applies, but what’s the purchase point for the Mach E? When we confirm the order with Ford (not the...
  16. Mach-E Most Popular Colors Reserved/Ordered by State

    I thought it was carbonized gray? Ford please...
  17. Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    Would like to know this as well. It’ll be very disappointing if they don’t have a “comfort package” with heated seats and/or steering wheel.
  18. Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    The tax incentives are a big consideration for me when it comes to the Mach E. I have my fingers crossed the premium trim’s MSRP drops a little as Oregon’s state incentive cuts out at $50k.