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  1. Mach-E Most Popular Colors Reserved/Ordered by State

    This map proves my point. Admittedly, I reserved Rapid Red, along with the rest of the country. Ford needs to seriously consider other colors.
  2. Mach-E order bank opens May 11, 2020

    Agreed, this seems very uncertain given COVID.
  3. What is this in the frunk?

    Concur. The photo of the cooler in the front trunk, made me think electric cooler, perhaps charging camera batteries, but certainly not seafood.
  4. Couple black / white prototypes being transported

    NHSTA Testers? (Laden with optimism)
  5. What is this in the frunk?

    Why bother? You are graphically suggesting that Ford is designing Mach-E be Redneck-Proof. Most of the world has higher requirements.
  6. What is this in the frunk?

    No, just don’t need to circle around pointlessly.
  7. What is this in the frunk?

    Rather than arguing with me pointlessly, please know I have experience with marine electronics. Yes placement is something to be considered, but having power in the front trunk is basic - and stock parts already exist. The potential for waste heat dissipation is really the only limitation.
  8. What is this in the frunk?

    By the same logic, the light shouldn't be in there either.
  9. What is this in the frunk?

    Thanks. They really need to put power in there...
  10. What is this in the frunk?

    It's great that there is a light in the frunk. What is white square just below it? AC-power?
  11. Battery Technology vs. Winter

    These winter performance four wheel drift videos are glossy, but overlook one of the most important daily concerns: battery performance. Eight years later, Tesla is putting a heat pump in Model Y to deal with cold weather. I haven’t seen anything related to this topic regarding Mach-E. May...

    I have had this vehicle 35 years. This photo was taken 18 years ago. It still looks this good and it is the original color. I am not advocating for 1960s colors... Rather, if Mach-E is a game-changer, then it deserves game-changing effort across the entire effort, not something off the shelf...

    Concur. Ford is definitely screwing up with respect to paint options. If they don't fix this, I'm only left with a couple of options: wrap it, or drop the reservation.
  14. Tax Credits

    So much for doing right by the planet! It is disappointing to think: Gewinn uber Alles.
  15. First Impression: Was prepared not to like it...

    Agreed, a 16’ canoe, weather dynamics and/or aberrant traffic air disturbances (passing semi-trucks) can produce significant torque.
  16. First Impression: Was prepared not to like it...

    Went to the Twin Cities Auto Show today to get my first impression look at Mach-E. While I still want to see the real deal in Rapid Red, they had an Escape in that hue immediately adjacent... Still want to kick the tires, open the frunk, take it for a test drive, etc, but I am throughly...
  17. Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    Rear Heated Seat option? Minnesota is cold and this will be a daily carpool commuter.
  18. Mach-E Merchandise / Apparel?

    Yep, on the polo... No text, just the electric blue pony outline. Could even be subtly on the sleeve. Understated is key. All weather tires aren’t negotiable where I live! best,