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  1. Production will probably be delayed.

    Speaking as a retired ICU/ER Rn here. I know hindsight is just that, however.... IF we had locked down the country and shut the borders two months ago along with a six week stay at home order, we would be coming out of this now. Anyone that had the virus would have either survived or...
  2. Ford Engineer Mach-E in the garage and 1960 F-250

    I tired blowing up photo but cannot see where the charging cable goes. It is definitely level 2 charger but how many amps is anyone's guess. Could also just be plugged into a 120 volt outlet.
  3. Production will probably be delayed.

    Guys, I started this thread with my concerns. I am even more concerned now, not only for the production of the Mach E, but for our country in general. People just do not get it. Just saw where they had a huge Latino Music festival in Mexico city where over 105 thousand people attended...
  4. Production will probably be delayed.

    They said all North American Production. Back when I was in school Mexico was in North America. They may have changed that the way Pluto is no longer a planet......
  5. Production will probably be delayed.

    I am not sure where you are getting your information. I am a retired ER/ICU RN. At sixty years of age I am in the early high category. Luckily I can stay home and away from people who are in denial about how serious this is. The virus DOES live in hot climates. Have you taken a look at the...
  6. What if: Mach-E as a Coupe

    I would prefer to see a small convertible electric with the same range.
  7. Production will probably be delayed.

    I just finished reading a news story that UAW is pressing the auto manufacturers to shut down assembly lines (and will probably want those factory workers to keep getting paid.) I know that this is for the USA, but since a fair proportion of the parts for the Mach E come from US would not be...
  8. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Here in North Georgia/Atlanta area we have quite a few EVGO charging stations as well as Georgia Power charging stations. With the growing number of EA the infrastructure is slowly building out. I also read that a local gas station (one of the chain ones with about 18 pumps) is going to...
  9. Can somebody with a BEV check my math for computing range?

    Not sure why you are limiting yourself to 80% charge. There are quite a few studies that it is fast charging, not charging to 100% that degrades a battery the most. We have had a Chevy Bolt and now a Leaf Plus. I charge at home to 100% any time the battery gets less than 80%. The Leaf has no...
  10. Body color painted wheel arches vs black wheel arches

    Why oh why would they put the black arches on a white can't cost more to paint them the body color.......
  11. PRNDL on the prototype

    No it won't. Two weeks of one pedal driving and you would never go back to a conventional transmission. The instant power and torque of the e-train and the one pedal driving is a joy. When you get your Mach-E take it to the mountains and try that one pedal driving on a curvy mountain...
  12. How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    My concern is what the dealers are getting as to information. My local dealer, whom we have bought three vehicles from, is the one we listed as our preferred dealer as they were on the list of dealers we could chose from. I have heard nothing from them. I reached out with two emails to the...
  13. Mach-E Towing Hitch Option Now Available!

    Most likely for the battery cooling heat exchanger. The battery is actively cooled but that heat from the cooling system has to go somewhere.
  14. Roof glass and A/C

    The newer window tinting uses "Ceramic" film which blocks 99% of all UV and about 93% of heat. We had the tint applied to my wife's Leaf plus and you would be surprised at the difference it makes. I am sure Ford will be using something like this. Heck, the 2016 Murano we had also had a glass...
  15. Charging door release?

    On our 2019 Leaf Plus you press a button on the dash that pops the charging port. Sort of like a locking cover on a ICE. Our Chevy Bolt you just pressed the cover and it popped open. I prefer the way that Nissan does it with the leaf. Keeps some mischievous person from messing with the...
  16. Submit your Mach-E questions and requests for the New England International Auto Show (by 1/16/20)

    Ask them how will the regenerative braking work. Will it have varying levels of regen or just a standard setting. I prefer very aggressive regen to enhance one pedal driving.
  17. 400+ mile range on the Larger HVB of the Mach E is doable? Yes!

    Not gonna get 400 miles per charge. Not going to happen. I will be happy with 3 miles/kwh. Driving like grandma I could only get 4.5 miles/kwh in my Bolt.
  18. Mach-E GT vs Premium

    Range Range Range. The 300hp of the premium will be plenty quick enough with the rear wheel drive. I am interested in the range as well as the looks and features. The GT will be nice and a thriller but I am past the need to emulate a x-15 pilot.......just saying.
  19. Poll as to how many people have owned a battery vehicle before...plug-in hybrids do not count

    I worded the poll this way because a hybrid owner still has that option of burning gas if his battery gets low where a dedicated battery vehicle owner has no ICE backup and will have to charge/recharge.