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  1. Wonky_Donkey

    You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    Updated with questions and answers list: Click to download: Mach-E Questions and Answers [PDF] I've started a new thread to provide the answers to the 53 questions you asked (plus some extra info) from today's Go Electric Roadshow. Let's start with the video introduction.... ...more to...
  2. Wonky_Donkey

    Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    So I'm lucky enough to get my second date with a Mach-E this coming Monday (9th March) - does anyone have any questions they want answered or any specific photos they'd like? Let me know :)
  3. Wonky_Donkey

    Dealer getting a bit carried away - hilarious email fail

    So got this email today from my Ford Dealer who I placed my pre-order with. I think they've got a little carried away and sent the wrong email template! 😂 I wish it were true though - and it was just a case of going and picking it up. I've redacted dealer names and contact info to spare any...
  4. Wonky_Donkey

    First look at Apple CarPlay & Trip Info screens in SYNC 4A on Mach-E

    Rummaging through the EU Press Pack for the London event and found lots of screenshots of CarPlay, Energy monitor, and DAB Radio. Enjoy !
  5. Wonky_Donkey

    Couple more pics from London event

    Sorry folks - I know the London event has been done to death on here, but I went to the "special" event evening tonight and grabbed a few more pics. Nothing much more to add to the excellent video uploaded by @SportZnTouring, but at least there were some free drinks and canapés on offer...
  6. Wonky_Donkey

    AutoTrader UK review from UK Launch

    Yet another UK launch video! This one has some extra info regarding how the ride characteristics are being setup for the European market