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  1. Dmcerm

    What Color Red?

    So, random question: when you refresh the forum enough, one of the banners at the top has the six red cars across the top. The Mach-E is in the center and then there are cars on either side. That red. That isn't Rapid Red is it? It definitely looks like a more maroon red. I like that...
  2. Dmcerm

    Mach-E & Kia Niro EV in MotorTrend

    I was reading my new issue of Motor Trend this morning (April 2020) and this article tested the three EVs you see here. And one of the things that caught my eye was what I considered to be some shared design themes between the Niro EV and the Mach-E. Nothing radical and certainly one didn't copy...
  3. Dmcerm

    Let's Represent M-EMA Peeps!

    Just a humble Pennsylvana Mach-E Rezzy Holder, FoMoCo Stock Holder and literally one of the last humans on earth that still holds Brand Loyalty above almost anything else, meaning, I was a Tesla Rezzy Holder until... Ford, my First Love, released the Amazing Mach-E!
  4. Dmcerm

    Pony Desk Sculpture, Pony Badge? From Press Kit?!

    Update: thanks to @Ace posting this: you can purchase one of these via Ok, all. We need to do some sleuthing on this one.... unless like on the other thread I had my head somewhere else... Look at this posts from Instagram by a @mendezwtf ! These are...
  5. Dmcerm

    Battery supplier(s) for Mach-E and Future Ford EVs

    So, I think I heard/read just some short snippets in passing regarding where Ford is getting their batteries or from where they are being sourced but can someone give me/us a few of those resources? Was it LG or something? I can't remember what I heard... we all need to keep an eye on where...
  6. Dmcerm

    Really, thee *ONLY* question to answer

    So. I had a $1000 deposit down on a Model 3 but took it back to wait for the Model Y but will now hold off and move the Mach-E up my list of *very possible purchase* right there beside me buying a MY. However, THEE biggest question we all have to ask ourselves is, and I honestly believe this is...