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  1. I like this color and finish

    This is the type of color and finish I wish they offered on the Mach-E. It seems to be the current popular style as many cars come in this type of finish in many colors.
  2. Exciting thought for an American who ordered a premium.

    If there are 50k total Mach-Es in the first years production and 60% are going to Europe, that leaves 20k total Mach-e for the US Of A. If 30% are GTs as Ford said, that leaves 14k. If, and this is a guess, 10% order the select, then for a while, before spring, I am going to be one of only...
  3. New Jersey is plugged in!

    New Jersey is providing money to add charging stations through out the state, in particular the Garden State Parkway and the Turnpike. We have a $5,000 rebate for EVs that have an MSRP under $55K. That is in addition to the federal rebate. And finally, we have no sales tax on the purchase of...
  4. Fed rebate on Euro sales?

    Just curious. Do the deliveries of Mach-e to Europe count in the reduction of vehicles Ford has left with fed rebates? Doesn’t seem like they should.
  5. Anyone else having trouble deciding? Mach-E GT?

    I am ruminating constantly about colors and models of what Mach-E I want. I was almost fully decided on a premium AWD SR., color the only undecided issue. In N.J. that gave me an MSRP below $55k so I could get a combined $12,500 in state and federal rebates and no sales tax. But then my friend...
  6. Roof glass and A/C

    According to the great work of salant76 and 1pt21Gigawatts, the glass roof does not have a cover. While the interior aesthetic of the big glass roof is nice it seems like it will contribute to a major heat gain in summer, which drains the batteries quickly if you run the a/c. Does this seem...