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  1. Naked Mach-E shell / frame (body in white) and Iconic Silver Preproduction seen in Mexico factory

    So the frame / shell is supposed to be a mix of aluminum and steel right? Mach E looks great in Iconic Silver! And door handle looks the same as before with no changes?
  2. Mach-E Most Popular Colors Reserved/Ordered by State

    Rapid Red and Infinite Blue(?) dominating.
  3. Mach-E frame and body panels - aluminum and/or steel?

    I haven't come across this info yet, but do we know yet what the Mach-E frame and body panels construction are - aluminum and/or steel?
  4. 2021 Mach-E Insurance Price Quote

    Do we know what the frame and body construction of the Mach-E is? Aluminum and/or steel? Like you said that will have an impact on insurance rates compared to the other vehicles you listed.
  5. Mach-E GT Magneride Suspension

    Absolutely. Besides performance, Magneride is the second biggest factor why I was swayed to the GT. Can't wait to test drive and feel it in action. Along with the low center of gravity, I think the Mach-E is going to handle great.
  6. Mach-E Magneride suspension tuning / modifying with aftermarket controller module

    Yes, Magneride suspension is only available on the GT model. It's one of the things that most sets it apart from the other trims in my opinion. Magneride suspensions are awesome due to being adaptive to the car's mode setting and road conditions.
  7. Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    Yes, when comparing AWD to 2WD front drive, AWD will be better. But, in the case of RWD vs AWD, RWD is going to have the better driving dynamics and the same should apply to the Mach-E.
  8. Self presenting doors on Mach-E

    Yep, here's the self presenting doors being demonstrated.
  9. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I view the Polestar 2 in another segment since it's starting price is significantly higher than the Mach-E. It starts at $63k while the Mach-E starts at $45k.
  10. Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    Departure Time is one of those great features that EVs bring to the game which doesn't exist in ICE cars (to my knowledge). I know I'll be using it daily.
  11. First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Ford will not ship the Mach-E with a license plate bracket attached, it's the dealers who put it on. Just instruct your dealer not to attach your plate or drill your bumper. It's as easy as that. Some make you sign a waiver if your state has a front license plate requirement but that's just for...
  12. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Maybe seeing this kind of positive reaction over a satin look will get Ford to offer a factory satin paint at some point. Has there ever been a satin color offered on any other Ford vehicle?
  13. First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Smart marketing IMO. Tesla basically does no direct advertising but they're smart and strategic in letting their vehicles be photographed and posted to forums / social media. Like Musk driving the Cybertruck to Nobu. It creates real world buzz and doesn't seem so as contrived as traditional...
  14. One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Since that shot from the European Mach-E press release, is it possible we're going to see different names for the driving modes and other menu options?
  15. Video: Vehicle Settings Screen on Sync4A Infotainment system

    Great feature! Anyone have experience with inductive charging pads in cars - will they work even if you have a phone case on?
  16. Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?

    Very helpful to me as someone new to EV and all the charging vocabulary. It can get confusing for a newcomer.
  17. Creep mode on Mach-E

    I haven't seen this discussed here but has anyone read or know how the Mach-E will behave when stopped in Drive mode and you lift off the brakes -- will it creep or will it sit neutral? Will it have a creep mode that you can enable / disable like in Teslas? I'd personally prefer having the car...
  18. Will Mach E mean an end to the traditional Mustang?

    Talk about emotional... my Mustang GT owning friend is so up in arms about the Mach E "borrowing" some styling that I think he may be one of those guys who blocks charging stations with his car once the Mach E hits the streets lol. :D But I don't think the Mustang owners should be so defensive...
  19. Ford Mach E may be RWD!

    I'm anxious to see if the Mach E is a game changer in any way too. What new or cool tech do you think or hope Ford can bring to the EV table?
  20. New Members Introduction Thread

    Electric shaming lol. I feel the same. All my friends are musclecar and truck heads. I need a sanctuary and that's why I'm here :cool: Nice to meet y'all.