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  1. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Really!?

    Ahhh, social media. Everyone has an opinion and everyone else can ignore it or inflate it. I already have my Mustang Club of America’s stickers ready for my MachE rear window.
  2. Internal Mach-E Product Walkaround Video For Dealers

    Question: does the Mach E have "homelink" capabilities? I haven't run across a reference to connection into home automation, like garage door openers or home lighting.
  3. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Another photo from the Milwaukee Auto Show. I liked the color (white, not white) and placed my reservation on the spot.
  4. Space White Mach-E in daylight

    Love the space white, which is what I saw at the Milwaukee Auto Show and have currently on my reservation. Thanks for posting
  5. New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm another newbie to this forum. I placed my reservation for my first Ford at the Milwaukee Auto Show on Feb 28 as I was standing roped off from the Space White Metallic Mach-E that was on display. I have longed for a Tesla (I was on the Model 3 reservation list, but decided to remodel the...