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  1. Golfer

    Mach-E Engineering Manager Explains How They’re Keeping Development on Track From Home

    Sounds like there's plenty of prototypes at home with the engineers so they can continue to test drive and provide feedback to the development team. And software guys can basically work anywhere anyway, so that side of things shouldn't see a slowdown. My bigger worry is with suppliers. Even...
  2. Golfer

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    Some of the most common mods I've seen are: Vinyl wrapping the door handles, window trim, badges Tint Lighted badge Protective film Painted brakes
  3. Golfer

    Marketing company shows how it used Unreal Engine for MACH-E visualizer and presentation

    Those seats don''t look anything like the GT seats actually. Could it be the seats for the Shelby Mach-E? :eek:;) GT seats image from the online configurator.
  4. Golfer

    Wrap and Range

    Good idea! FYI, if you decide to vinyl wrap the whole car it also won't interfere with the bumper sensors functionality.
  5. Golfer

    Wrap and Range

    A wrap won't have any effect at all on range, so go for it! You thinking a color vinyl wrap or clear protection film wrap?
  6. Golfer

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Welcome! Here's a good discussion that's been going on about AWD vs RWD Mach-E -
  7. Golfer

    Model Y official dimensions and weight revealed

    Finally the Model Y dimensions. Actually bigger (not just taller) than the Model E. Weights revealed too.
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    Great close up looks inside out of a rapid red Mach-E
  9. Golfer

    Chicago Auto Show: Mach-E Acceleration Video and Impressions From GTspirit

    Came across some more ride along and acceleration videos from Chicago show
  10. Golfer

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    But less traction overall. So depends on your driving style too. If you come from a RWD car and like a livelier back end feel then AWD might seem too buttoned down for you. For example, a RWD model won't be able to turn out into traffic and accelerate fully until the car is straight. If you give...
  11. Golfer

    Black Mach-E spotted in Canada

    I like them too. These are the first time we've seen all black wheels right?
  12. Golfer

    Mach-E Upcoming Auto Show Appearances?

    The Geneva autoshow just got cancelled :eek: So the Mach-E won't be shown there. Shame since that's the first large European auto show it would have been displayed at.
  13. Golfer

    Black Mach-E spotted in Canada

    Looks really good in motion. Is this the Mach-E Tofu Edition? Reference to Initial D AE86 of course :)
  14. Golfer

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    Well braking a heavier car by nature results in more brake wear. Of course whether the difference in wear is appreciable depends on how much weight difference we're talking about. I just looked up my own question and the extra electric motor on the AWD model probably only adds about 70 pounds...
  15. Golfer

    Body color painted wheel arches vs black wheel arches

    Problem is it won't 100% match the paint color. Might actually look worse mismatched than black?
  16. Golfer

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    Especially since all the electronics and systems are truly fully integrated in order to take advantage of OTA update ability.
  17. Golfer

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    Reading this brought a question to mind. How much does one of the motors weigh? An AWD model should weight more than RWD because of the extra motor, but is it by an amount that would negate the reduced brake wear from having brake regen on an extra axle.