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  1. NEMuskRat

    Anyone else get the "Nice Choice!" email from Ford? SYNC 4A name revealed.

    I did receive the email but didn't think too much about it. I also had a call from the dealer a couple days after the reserve went through. They just said "Hi" but didn't have much more information. I had a question about the reserve #. They just looked into it & got back to me. Not sure if they...
  2. NEMuskRat

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    I drive my Mustang slow. People can't appreciate what they can't see. :cool::D
  3. NEMuskRat

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Premium Carbonized Gray AWD 35075 Date was 10 Jan about 3:30 EST I personally like the black top on anything. I think it breaks up the color. Then again I also have a mustang convertible with the black top.
  4. NEMuskRat

    Mach E Video and Photos from Hamburg (Carbonized Grey)

    This is my cars color. This looks great. The other pictures show a button on the column between the windows. I hope the rims can come all black without the metal showing. I am not a chrome fan. Thank you for these pictures. This is the limited addition? (red stitching will be white & no red...
  5. NEMuskRat

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    I quote for work. Are both calculations using the same liberal or conservative formulas? Is there a standard that is used for these calculations? I am usually conservative when I calculate to make sure the customer is always better off but find that competitor are more liberal with their...
  6. NEMuskRat

    Tesla Supercharging costs per kWh are now while Electrify America is:

    I have to agree. I would make trips from Mass to lower FL (without my wife) & and have to stop longer than 10 minutes even just getting off for food, bathroom & fuel. Vehicles would get close to or over 500 miles per tank because of either large tank or Hybrid. Probably better off for body...
  7. NEMuskRat

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    Another level over this thought, I am in New England and found that I can not get up my driveway in snow if I do not have AWD or aggressive snow tires on the vehicle. I have a hill, curve and 700+ feet to go which really sucks to walk up & clear before bringing vehicle up. I have seen other...
  8. NEMuskRat


    I ordered the Carbonized Gray with glass top + AWD on 10 January. I would like it if the rims were also all blacked out. Might have to get that done myself.
  9. NEMuskRat

    Which COLOR Mach-E Did You Reserve?

    I love that 2015 color. I hope the carbonized is close.
  10. NEMuskRat

    Submit your Mach-E questions and requests for the New England International Auto Show (by 1/16/20)

    On #2, I was told the reservation number is not sequential but arbitrary. Do not know if anyone has been told any different.
  11. NEMuskRat

    Prototype Mach-E (in Rapid Red Metallic) showed up at work today

    Was't thinking about that . . . my state requires front plate. Absolutely that is going to suck. Oh well. Still real cool.
  12. NEMuskRat

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Just wanted to say Hi! Assuming you would like the Mach E to come in Bullit Green. :D Love those cars.
  13. NEMuskRat

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Reserved AWD version. Looking forward to the new car even though it will not be until end of year. Anyone hear how many Limiteds they are making other than <9999?