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    I keep thinking about the sourcing of things like batteries that are beyond Ford’s control.
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    Ford Aims to Restart Production at Key North American Plants Starting April 6

    Is it fair to say a production delay for Mach E could be a good thing? Giving all that’s going on in the world and how it is disrupting supply chains, I’d rather Ford take time and get the vehicle done right versus working under a compressed schedule. But I’m not an expert in the auto industry...
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    I’d agree optics are a low consideration. But still, I’d feel like a bit of a heel to roll up to a family picnic in a $55k vehicle when my cousins and others have been out of work and are struggling. But maybe that’s my Midwestern roots showing through, lol.
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    Beyond being a niche vehicle, why do you think Mach E sales will hold firm? My guess is they will soften. Several reasons: price of oil has dropped significantly, so ICE vehicle makes more economic sense; stock market drop leaving people feeling ‘less flush’ for a stretch purchase; optics of...
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    Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    I’m in a similar situation regarding not needing/wanting to take possession of the Mach E I’ve reserved until mid-2021 and am confident in being able to do so. This is a very premium purchase across all trims and I’m confident Ford will make that possible. I’m also troubled by how much...
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    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    This post made me reflect on how much work is yet to be done before the typical consumer is comfortable buying an electric car - MME to the CCS to the CHADEMO - WTF?! Until it’s as easy as unleaded versus premium, 🤷‍♂️
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    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Was waffling on my choice of iconic silver until seeing these photos. Looks great!
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    A lot of information on Mach-E

    Too funny! In all seriousness, I hope there’s a way to enable the top performance mode without piping in the fake ‘engine’ noise. I know they worked hard on that feature, and perhaps hearing will equal believing, but the idea strikes me as tacky.
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    A lot of information on Mach-E

    I noticed that too and am intrigued. Would be great to get the ER without having to upgrade to premium trim.
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    Why I chose a Mach-E over the Tesla Model Y

    @EVGRL What has it been like to drive a Leaf/EV in Dallas? I used to live across the I-20 in Shreveport and think of that whole Arklatex region when considering battery range and availability of charging options. Have you had any road trips to Austin or other areas? Or mostly just around town?
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    Why I chose a Mach-E over the Tesla Model Y

    Love this! You have a well-honed personality/voice and I think it’s hilarious you dish evenly - calling stereotypical Mustang buyers douches and Tesla a cult. Don’t agree with either assessments, but laughed in good fun anyways. Thanks for the post and video. Look forward to your driving...
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    Mach-E at Houston Auto Show

    Props to Jorge for the video. Wish he was my neighborhood Ford guy just so I could reward his hustle. Also agree the white - at least under that light - looked great.
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    Mach-E will have OTA Updates

    I think it’s a dangerous assumption that you’ll be able to sell your Mach E for anything near what you paid. We are still in that phase of the tech where it’s taking giant leaps - to me the current and forthcoming crop of EVs are like iPhone 4s when they came out. Everything’s in place, but we...
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    2021 Mustang Mach-E Models / Trims and Availability Dates

    It’s fun to dream and chat about the GT version. More down to Earth - for me ... anyone else disappointed the Select edition doesn’t offer the longer range battery option? Stepping up to the Route 1 version is a hefty $
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    What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    That’s rather bold of you to say. Does anybody enjoy the process of buying a car through a traditional dealership?
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    Anyone else get the "Nice Choice!" email from Ford? SYNC 4A name revealed.

    ... and here I thought they were reaching out to me personally, lol. I’ve noticed a few contributors here mention they’d heard from the dealers they reserved through. But this was the first outreach I’ve received since the reservation process. Fingers-crossed this means the Ford team is working...
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    Preproduction Mach-E Seen Driving on LA Freeway

    It would be fun to test drive these cars. Road tripping, seeing the country and working out all the bugs on a totally new vehicle.