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  1. What is your occupation?

    yes. Houston.
  2. What is your occupation?

    Engineer (oil and gas)
  3. The TFLNow boys with the Mach-E

    I was planning on a CRV hybrid but now totally getting the Mustang Mach E. I am coming from a civic and before that an F150.
  4. GM’s Upcoming EVs Could Charge Near as Fast as You Can Fill Your Tank

    I would love to see it, but based on how I read the article it appears to be their target and they will slowly get there. So nothing yet, but hopefully a promising future.
  5. Volvo XC40 Recharge

    I like it except two things. 1) I hate the screen and UI 2) I hate the AC vents next to the screen with a passion These are both cosmetic things so I understand others may like them.
  6. Mach-E will Debut at Houston Auto Show

    I wish I could have sat in it. I did accomplish a few things today. First, I love how it looks so I am going to wait for it. Second, the XC40 display and AC vents are an ugly mess, which rules out the XC40 recharge. CRV Hybrid is out. Escape hybrid was better than expected, but compared to the...
  7. Mach-E will Debut at Houston Auto Show

    You can get right up to it but can’t sit in it
  8. Mach-E will Debut at Houston Auto Show

    I am going tomorrow right when it opens. I will try and remember to post here when I do to let y’all know.