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  1. stmache

    CNET Roadshow: Mach-E Mustang AWD First Ride Review! (Winter Driving)

    Still no info on the effects of cold weather on range. I know Ford has it, wish they would share it.
  2. stmache

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    I have used the X-Plan for my last two transactions with my Ford dealer. One to buy and one to lease so you get the pricing no matter the type of transaction. I agree, if your dealer will not accept the plans, find one who will. BTW, if you become a member of the Mustang Club of America, one of...
  3. stmache

    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    When it comes to a front license plate, my state requires it. When I ordered my 2017 Mustang I instructed the dealer to NOT put the bracket on which is where the brackets get put on. You can see just under the blue Mustang logo a small sliver screw which is where I attach the license plate...
  4. stmache

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Hmmm....Ford Blue stripes would look sweet on this color.
  5. stmache

    Most Accurate Look Yet at Grabber Blue on Mach-E GT

    Yeah, they are going to force me to go with a GT so I can get this color. Unless I find a used First Edition. I think it would go very well with my current ride.
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    Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    Don't count this as a double entry...I like the last two designs for the larger PONY logo.
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    Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    Already follow the Twitter account but was unaware of the FB page...LIKED!
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    Submit your Mach-E questions and requests for the New England International Auto Show (by 1/16/20)

    Oh, I know the battery will loose range in cold weather but I suspect Ford has hard data and not just a percentage based on all EVs. So, I still think the question is relevant if he got a chance to ask it.
  9. stmache

    A look at Mach-E sequential tail light turn signal in action

    Not sure why they didn't do both top and bottom but it is unique and Mustang-like.
  10. stmache

    Mach-E Will Share Battery Cells with Transit Van To Be Profitable

    Yeah, but, that means they could have made more Mach e's but decided to cap it and find another product to keep the battery line going. Then there's the rumored baby Bronco which has also been rumored to get an EV variant. Think Mach e with a different body on top with less performance.
  11. stmache

    New Mach-E Commercial Ad from Ford Spain

    I like it. Very high energy.
  12. stmache

    Prototype Mach-E (in Rapid Red Metallic) showed up at work today

    I have a front plate on my Mustang now that I can remove for pics and does not use the huge bracket. I would imagine a third party vendor will create one for the Mach e as well.
  13. stmache

    Ford brings Mach-E to CES

    Does this mean we can rent a Mach e from National? :cool:
  14. stmache

    Submit your Mach-E questions and requests for the New England International Auto Show (by 1/16/20)

    Being in New England, ask what the effects of cold weather has on the EV range. We know they tested it in winter but no hard data on the effects of winter on the car's battery. Thank you! I sure hope they let you climb all over to get those measurements and test all those cups!!! ;)
  15. stmache

    Preproduction Mach-E Seen Driving on LA Freeway

    That liftgate part must be in short supply. :D
  16. stmache

    Will you rebadge or stripe your Mach E?

    I did the same with my 2017 Mustang Ecoboost. I told them NO front license bracket even if it is mandatory in my state. If it was on it when I picked it up, I would have refused it. However, they followed my instructions and gave me the bracket in a box. I used a third party backet which...
  17. stmache

    Mach-E Software Designer Explains How They Studied Tesla Software

    I have to agree with @Macheeee on the Sync 3 upgrade process. I got my 2017 Mustang to upgrade the first time without an issue BUT it took about 20 minutes using an USB drive. I never could get the 2017 Escape to upgrade. It always stopped about half way through and I gave up after three...
  18. stmache

    Electrify America to Install Charging Stations at Bank of America Locations

    Okay...not sure in this day and age of drive thru and electronic banking this is of use. Wal-Mart's made a lot more sense. I think their investment would be better spent on arenas, malls, hotels and sit down restaurant chain locations. Not to mention more rest stops on major highways.
  19. stmache

    Vacation Trips - Not in a Mach E

    No, but EA does and they are putting chargers in Wal-Marts and other popular locations. Should be places to eat nearby. I, also, suspect chain restaurants to figure it out in the near future as more electric vehicles hit the roads.
  20. stmache

    2021 Mach-E Specs vs Model Y, I-Pace, EQC, E-Tron, Polestar 2

    Okay, did some research today and came up with these Cargo Space comparisons: Mustang Mach-e: 59.6 cu. ft. (Back with Seats Down) + 4.8 cu. ft. (Frunk) = 64.4 cu. ft. Tesla Model Y : 66 cu. ft. (includes both the Back with Seats Down and Frunk)* Audi e-Tron : 57 cu. ft. Jaguar I-PACE ...