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  1. Mach-E streaming?

    one way for ford to distinguish themselves and put them ahead of tesla is to offer full implementation of apple carplay and android auto and/or make partnerships with netfix, disneyplus, etc it would be great to take advantage of the large screens for apps and navigation- and it would be nice...
  2. What if: Mach-E as a Coupe

    will be interesting to see dropped and modded mach-e GT's next year. but yeah, ultimately a 2 door coupe will almost always look way sexier and sportier than a 4 door suv.
  3. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    i'd definitely go for an e-tron (even with 200-250 range) if they were in the $40k ballpark :-)
  4. First look at Apple CarPlay & Trip Info screens in SYNC 4A on Mach-E

    hoping ford/sync team allow apple the use of the front display as well (or at least part of it). granted we've only seen pre-production models, but the current use seems like such a waste of valuable screen space...but if waze directions (or speed traps info) could be shown on the front...
  5. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    below definitely personal opinion, but.... i don’t mind the clean design of the model 3 and Y interiors. in fact, the wood inlays remind me of my current 08 volvo. some would say that means it’s dated :-) but not including a front display was clearly for cost savings (S and X obviously have...
  6. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    besides the whole "homelink" included or not included, it looks like the Y, at least the current release, is missing: - rear cargo bay cover - towing/hitch mount - heated steering wheel
  7. GM Ultium battery tech

    competition is good. but yes, all the ICE manufacturers seem to be major catchup mode to tesla. battery platform, dedicated battery technology, in-house electric motor development, battery factory etc.... tesla created the blueprint and GM (and others) are basically saying, yes, we get it and...
  8. First Model Year Build Quality

    considering the xc40 recharge? that was in the running with the mach-e, it's just a bit smaller and less range
  9. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    totally true. if i still wanted a Y, though, i would definitely wait for an option to lease i think whereas the last few ICE cars i felt comfortable keeping the car a long time because other than some more recent innovations (backup/parking cameras, blind spot, advanced cruise, apple carplay...
  10. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    super useful! will make note of the tire depth at time of lease and either just be sure to return at close to that on probably a 2nd or 3rd set of tires, or swap out rims/tires early on and sell the aftermarkets later (or use them for the next gen mach-3!). will keep a little touch-up paint...
  11. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    thanks for the clarification. sorry, being new to leasing, do you know if i need to bring it back with a new set of tires? what if there's curb rash on the rims? or what about a few paint chips on the front bumper/hood? when i originally thought i would buy, i planned to get a PPF/clear bra...
  12. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    not sure if already mentioned on another tesla vs ford thread, but for those still considering tesla model Y vs mach-e, like i was, and i know it's still not official, but based on what we've heard from decent sources, there will be a lease or lease-type/guaranteed buy-back program for the...
  13. Your Mustang Mach-E. Tomorrow’s technology unleashed.

    [yes, yes, pre-production blah blah "screens simulated" blah blah] but 261 miles of range after some quick math... not bad if that's the standard range RWD or AWD.... not great if that's the extended range...
  14. Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    ventilated/cooling seats?
  15. Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    just curious for those who've had the high tire wear with more powerful EVs, what tires are you using? a few years ago, i went from all seasons (stock michelin mxm, cont dws) that were good for 25-30k miles to summer tires (conti sport, hankook ventus evo, etc) that got around 15k...
  16. A lot of information on Mach-E

    phone as credit card, phone as key, phone as driver's license....just need phone as chapstick and i'm all set
  17. AWD Mach-E Shows Off Abilities in Snow & Ice Track Testing

    having the same fitment as other ford cars/suv would make sense and be nice for plenty of oem and aftermarket options for us
  18. AWD Mach-E Shows Off Abilities in Snow & Ice Track Testing

    agree sweet wheels. do we know if the 19” premiums wheels are with wheelcovers? perhaps these posted here are without wheelcovers?
  19. What is your occupation?

    family physician