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  1. Powder coated OEM wheels black & painted brake calipers Carmine Red

    Looks awesome. This is exactly what I want to do. I am glad I found a photos of the Premium wheels in black because I was not sure if they would look good. May I ask what paint did you use for the calipers and any tips? I also want to do it myself as well. Where did you get your wheel powder...
  2. SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    Black was my only real color choice for the Mach E. Otherwise my garage wouldn't match lol. I love how these two look together. :)
  3. Enhance the Look and Feel of your Mach-E Interior!

    Yea, I feel the same way about the light-up pony. I want it, but then again, it probably would void my warranty and with all the HVBJ issues, I definitely don't want to do that. Eventually, I will just trade in my Premium for a new GT in the year like 2025 or something.
  4. Enhance the Look and Feel of your Mach-E Interior!

    I ordered 2 power buttons just now since I could not decide between red and black. Thanks :)
  5. Out of Spec: Should you buy the IONIQ 5 or the Mustang Mach-E?

    Where did you see the SEL AWD and EV6 for MSRP?
  6. Extra Extended Range AWD Premium Rapid Red

    Sell one on a site like Cargurus. You can make more than the $2500 you want to make.
  7. Water Spots on Glass Roof - Found a Great Solution

    Whenever I have water spots, I just apply some white vinegar with water. Has worked every time. They come in jugs for cheap.
  8. SSM 50869 – Headlamps Turn On By Themselves When Vehicle Is Off – DTC B1533

    I just wanted to chime in and say this has happened to me before. One time, I got out of the car and heard the chime and I did not know why it was doing that, but then I noticed the knob in the "on" position for some reason. So I just turned it back to "auto" and didn't think much of it. But...
  9. Few Issues - Any Solutions?

    Don't these batteries already have built in cushion? So charging to 100% isn't really like you are using 100% of the battery. Will charging to 90% really add significant battery longevity? But I will start charging to 90% from now on, just in case. I just wanted to test the actual range of my...
  10. Few Issues - Any Solutions?

    Thank you so much. I sent you a message with the information.
  11. Few Issues - Any Solutions?

    I have a 2021 AWD Standard Range Premium (Job 2) that has a few quirks. I was hoping to see if others have had similar issues and if there are any fixes. Issue 1: Center display black This is the first issue I have had since I have owned the car (since late January). It still happens to me...
  12. HEAT induced drive mode issue

    Is there a fix for this or does Ford consider this a normal thing? I have the same error (Drive Mode Not Available) whenever it is 90F or higher outside.