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  1. JimboSlice

    How do I follow the rail car tracking?

    My premium just shipped, how do I follow the rail car tracking,
  2. JimboSlice

    Under Glow

    I want to get under glow for my Mach-E whenever it shows. Anybody else has it installed and was hard to find a power source?
  3. JimboSlice

    Factory Light Up Pony Badge available to buy aftersales?

    I am getting the Premium model, is the glow pony badges available to purchase? I like the way they look on the GT's.
  4. JimboSlice

    Blue Cruise cost?

    When you get your new Mach-E, I know it comes with Blue Cruise but do we eventually have to pay for it? If so what is the cost?
  5. JimboSlice

    2022 Premium Grabber Blue interior stitching?

    I ordered a 2022 Grabber Blue Premium with Black Onyx Interior and was wondering if anybody has the same model and what color stitching the Interior has? I am hoping it comes with blue to match the exterior like the first edition.
  6. JimboSlice

    Time frame between order and build date average?

    What has been the average time between build date and getting a production date? I'm on my 4th month and have not got one yet.