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  1. Lynsey

    Opinions needed, powder coating GTPE wheels?

    I have searched the thread and didn't really see anyone doing it. I did see some powder coated Select, but was wondering if the machined finish would be a problem. I was thinking about powder coating them white (as close as I could get to star white), obviously on my star white car. Does anyone...
  2. Lynsey

    No way to schedule updates or turn on automatic updates on new car. Did something change?

    So I traded in my Select for a '22 GT (non PE). My old Select had the option to turn on automatic updates and schedule updates. Now on my new car (build 6/22), that option is not available. I have been on the phone for hours and hours with Ford. They keep transferring me and hanging up etc and I...
  3. Lynsey

    Best mud flaps/splash guards.

    While I love AOSK and they are priced right....they look nice on the select models because the black matte plastic matches, but it just doesn't look that great on the premium or GT models. I got these, rally style, and I gotta say they look way better, and seem like really nice quality. Doesn't...
  4. Lynsey

    Got my Blue Raspberry stripes on Star White GT!

    I had a Select model and traded it in for the GT. But I couldn't not have stripes on my new one. I got sent these today from the shop. I think they look amazing! But obviously I'm biased. The stripes are 7.25" with a 1" gap. I did them a bit narrow, cuz I'm a bit OCD and don't like them going...
  5. Lynsey

    What drive modes do you use the most? And is it different between models? POLL

    I had a select used to drive it in Unbridled 1 pedal all the time. I traded it and got a GT (non-performance) and I almost think I like Engage 1 pedal better now. Just wondering what everyone uses.
  6. Lynsey

    White wheels?

    So I traded in my Select for the Star White GT. I am not really a fan of the flower wheels, but I am getting blue racing stripes on my car, but thought the wheels might look sorta cool if I got them powder coated white (or as close to star white as I can). Has anyone gotten white wheels? or...
  7. Lynsey

    No option to schedule updates or auto update, how to fix?

    So I traded in my 2021 Mach -e Select for a 2022 Mach-e GT. I was setting it up, and there is no option to schedule software updates, or turn on auto updates. In the Ford Pass app it says that the auto updates are on, but there is no option in the car to change or to schedule. How do I fix that...
  8. Lynsey

    Which would you choose for "Lazy-man" Dash cam?

    I'm trying to decide on Dongar + Garmin Mini 2 OR a Fitcamx. Which would you choose? Just want a basic cam for emergencies and would like an audio record for any weird interactions or cops etc. Other suggestions appreciated. Also, on another note. I love that the Fitcamx looks are pretty much...
  9. Lynsey

    Dealer said they installed 2.8.3 but my car says 2.7.4 still, but have BC? I'm confused.

    I have a job one car. I had the dealer install 21p22, the recall, and blue cruise. My blue cruise works and is active now, but when I click on update in my car it still says 2.7.4. This is what the widget says. So what is going on? How do I have blue cruise without a successful 2.8.3? When I put...
  10. Lynsey

    Best cheap accessory for all those that have the stock license plate holder!!! Must have!

    Since I'm sure everyone that has a front plate knows that the front holder doesn't really allow for a frame and it looks kinda not finished if just the bare front plate is in the holder. I found this cheap black silicone plate frame that actually fits just perfect inside the stock holder. Really...
  11. Lynsey

    Brake caliper show and tell....

    I just got mine powder coated with prismatic coatings in Illusion Violet. Getting installed today. Will take a few photos when they are installed. Think the color will look great with my carbonized gray and gloss black wheels. Fingers crossed.
  12. Lynsey

    Got new racing stripes w/pinstripes! Carbonized Gray.

    I got stripes and the first place just really did a terrible job. Had them redone, and I just love it. It's now going to get ceramic coated, but they did send me some in progress photos! Haven't seen one with pinstripes yet, but I'm sure they are out there. Benefit of getting a select...haha...
  13. Lynsey

    California Sold: 18" Stock Wheels and Tires ~550 miles on them - San Diego $600

    I am replacing my stock 18" tires/wheels and want to sell them. I am in San Diego. They have around ~550 miles on them and are in great condition. I few minor scratches. I don't have room to store extra tires/wheels. Please contact me if interested. They would be pick up only. $600 for set of 4...
  14. Lynsey

    Found a decent rear pet seat cover

    Finally found a decent pet seat cover that actually fits. Very easy to put in. I just snapped it around the outside head rest bar. Worked great. Even has very good placed zippers so you can put the armrest down, or fold down one seat at a time. I currently have the seat belt behind the cover so...
  15. Lynsey

    5" stripes! Should I paint my calipers?

    I know mine is just a select, but it's my very first new car I've ever had, and I'm 43! Didn't want anything too loud, and I wanted stripes that fit the hood shape well. I figured if I don’t have the glass roof, might as well stripe it!! Kinda going for the Eleanor look. I think they turned out...