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  1. PMDGator

    Recommendations: Tampa area EV chargers

    I will be travelling to Tampa to visit and stay with my daughter. No EV charger at her apartment complex, so wondering if any Tampa area folks have chargers that they recommend (or that should be avoided)? Will be staying in the vicinity of Bush Blvd and Dale Mabry, but looking for any...
  2. PMDGator

    Garage Interior Storable Modular Photovoltaic On Wheels with integrated EV charger Rack

    Not Mach-E related, but love the Florida students initiative in thinking "inside the carport box" for EV charging!
  3. PMDGator


    I was asked about my MME First Edition for the Florida Weekly 'Best of' special feature....(just wished I gave them a photo of my grabber blue ME to use!) BEST INCENTIVE TO DRIVE AN ELECTRIC CAR Ford Mustang...
  4. PMDGator

    Aftermarket Stick Shift?

    Need to add a stick shift now. So took my ME FE home tonight and went with Unbridled for the ride home. Have to say I really enjoyed it but kept reaching for the stick and wanting to shift gears. I am so accustomed to gripping the shifter even though my last car was automatic (have put off cars...
  5. PMDGator

    Protection Film SE Florida

    After driving behind another dump truck spewing rocks the other day I decided to look into the cost of protection film for the front end of my ME. I called a local authorized X-Pel dealer in Palm Beach County and he said they haven't seen the car and don't have a pattern, but he estimated the...
  6. PMDGator

    Feature on Automundial on Motortrend?

    I just saw in my TV's guide that a show called Automundial on the MotorTrend channel is featuring the Mach E at 7pm EST tonight. That's all I know. Episode 1 of the show apparently.
  7. PMDGator

    Florida Power & Light entering vehicle charging business

    Florida's primary power company is asking regulators to allow it into the vehicle charging business. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not? FPL pitches vehicle charging proposal TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (News Service of Florida) --- Pointing to “range anxiety” as an obstacle to motorists...
  8. PMDGator

    Ford Notifies Mach-E Reservers of Order Completion “In The Next Few Days”

    Just received email from Ford saying 'almost time'. Nothing really substantive yet though. But at least I know they know I am still alive since I've otherwise heard very little.