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  1. CommittotheIndian

    Replacing ChargePoint HomeFlex cord with a 40'

    You might want to add a note to your post but I believe extending the charge code would violate national electrical code. I'm not an electrician so please feel free to confirm.
  2. CommittotheIndian

    FordPass has not updated in three days.

    Yes, search the forum for this topic posted nearly every other day with multiple answers for solutions. Also, make sure your vehicle’s modem is on.
  3. CommittotheIndian

    FordPass Not Responding

    This is asked just about every day, might search some of the other threads:
  4. CommittotheIndian

    Interactive BlueCruise Map is finally live! 🗺️

    The other thing to think about when it comes to older models getting 1.2 (and I’m confident we’ll get it). Is we are the data source for any future improvements. Ford likes to brag that over 75,000 users and 16 million miles have been on Blue...
  5. CommittotheIndian

    Is FordPass down?

    Mine did the same. I reconnected my wifi (it some how got turned off) and next morning the modem had connected (overnight) and started updating. it had been 3 days prior to reconnecting my wifi.
  6. CommittotheIndian

    Is FordPass down?

    Top right corner by the clock/temp should show the opposite facing arrows. You can also go into connected services then vehicle features (or whatever that top menu is, same page as the wifi).
  7. CommittotheIndian

    Is FordPass down?

    Yes, make sure your modem is turned on. If not, turn it on. If you can’t, connect to your wifi and let it set, it will probably connect after a bit.
  8. CommittotheIndian

    Ford Pass App Not Working?
  9. CommittotheIndian

    Home Assistant Automations - Show them off!!!

    Todd, This is probably a loaded question since you are a moderator for Sense but what do you think of Sense? I've been looking at adding more power consumption monitoring and seen mixed reviews for Sense. It's been awhile since I looked at Sense so maybe they've improved. And since I haven't...
  10. CommittotheIndian

    After 21B36 update, Fordpass won't connect
  11. CommittotheIndian

    Fordpass not updating

    If you know it's been posted before, why not search for the answers there?
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    Has Hands-Free driving mode gone away

    No it has not gone away. I used it this morning. Check all your settings (make sure lane centering is set correctly). After updates, settings are known to get shut off. There are other variables at play here. Is it a known route that worked in the past, a speed that will work with Bluecruise...
  13. CommittotheIndian

    Status (battery, tpms) stopped broadcasting to Fordpass?

    ^^^This. Make sure modem is connected.
  14. CommittotheIndian

    Splash Screens

    Good find but I'm not sure if it's useful any with recent OTAs. The GT screen has been showing up on GTs after an OTA update and I noticed my Select got the Mach-E (1st video) splash screen on the most recent OTA update.
  15. CommittotheIndian

    FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    I believe NA refers to North America (although for the longest time I thought, Not Applicable). Are you able to change it?
  16. CommittotheIndian

    FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    I don't think this is a code issue, maybe a scriptable issue with iOS 16. I had been using the medium detailed widget but switched to the small detailed. I've noticed it does not want to update even though scriptable itself is updated. Has anyone else run into this issue and if so did you have...
  17. CommittotheIndian

    Ford Pass app only works when I am connected to Bluetooth

    This happened to me a few weeks ago after an update. In the car, Go to Settings> Connectivity> Connected Vehicle Features. Make sure Vehicle Connectivity is turned on. This is the modem. You can also check by looking in the top right corner by the clock/outside temp. You should see the opposite...
  18. CommittotheIndian

    Is FordPass down?

    As mentioned in my original post, I’ve even deleted the app.