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  1. Android Auto Coolwalk is real and it's spectacular!

    Thanks for sharing! I thought it would look a lot more different. I want them to remove the search box that blocks me from seeing the whole map.
  2. My 2021 Job 1 Mach-E has a functional Frunk button!

    I wish they had a frunk button on the key fob and while I'm complaining, why didn't they put a remote start button? I love the one on our challenger, especially when it's super hot outside.
  3. Help me pick a dash cam

    I have a 50/50 success rate. :-( I need to read the manual or call Blackvue.
  4. Help me pick a dash cam

    I still haven't been able to figure out how to consistently view my live feeds and parking mode. I'm not willing to pay them a subscription fee.
  5. Ford removing remote start (& do I need a cell modem subscription now?)

    They WILL and do charge for some features and see subscription models as a way to earn revenue. I don't like subscribing to things I've already paid for or that are too much per month and will likely opt out of BlueCruise if it ends up too expensive or or if it will always a subscription. It's...
  6. Powerup renaming is happening

    I got 2.6.0 today and it has the same updated items I received a while ago with the games. I was already on 2.4.1, so what's going on? I signed up for Early Access and I still don't have blue Cruise.
  7. BlueCruise now available through FDRS for Job 1 cars (maybe just for Early Access?)

    I'm glad they're going to give it free for a year to see if it's worth paying for. I've gotten used to adaptive cruise control and I'm curious to see what the difference is and if it's worth paying for.
  8. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    Is yours a job 1 or 2 build? Are you only using PAAK or the key FOB? I wish mine would lock quicker, I have to walk away and wait for it to honk.
  9. Android Widget for Mach-E [Less Complex]

    Mine looks the same. I can see the OTA status on the main page when clicking on the 3 dots.
  10. Android Widget for Mach-E [Less Complex]

    Press anywhere on an open section on your phone screen for the wallpaper/widget menu and then click on WIDGETS. Locate the app in the widget menu and then select it to display on your chosen screen.
  11. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    Do both of your cars have this issue? I've gotten used to listening for the horn, Sometimes it takes a little longer to beep and then I can go about my business.
  12. Android Widget for Mach-E [Less Complex]

    I have used remote start a couple of times when it was really hot or cold to get the climate controls started. It's not something I use often but it would be nice to have a quick way to do it. I am jealous apple Iwatch users can do it on their watches.
  13. Android Widget for Mach-E [Less Complex]

    Wow, this is great. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into developing cool things for Android users. Has anyone able to come up with a Fitbit widget and/or even a Samsung watch widget like they have for IOS? I can't seem to get it to unlock or remote start, it says network error.
  14. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    Wow, this is great thank you! Still doesn't solve the problem of the car not locking when it's supposed to but this would be helpful and I'm glad were getting some things now for Android.
  15. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    You can lock the door piller by holding the bottom two buttons at the same time and the door will lock.
  16. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    This should be a feature that works 100% of the time because otherwise I don't know if my car is unlocked unless I stop to listen for the horn. I do like the feature and it's very convenient but I just been getting frustrated at the inconsistency.
  17. Car doesn't lock about 25% of the time

    I used the walk away lock future and always listen for the horn to make sure it locked but about 25% of the time it doesn't. I have to stop and pull out the key fob and then press the lock button and it works. The FOB battery is fine and I'm not doing anything different. It's frustrating because...
  18. Trouble getting Android Auto to work on your 2021 Mustang Mach E?

    I also have a pixel 6 pro and I have a problem with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turning on and off. There's a problem with the phone and I think it should be fixed in the next update but I'm certainly not thrilled with my Pixel after giving up my Samsung s20 to my husband.
  19. First Successful Powertrain Module OTA Update Achieved

    Thanks. It'll be interesting to see what a difference it makes. I hardly use the brake and always driving with one pedal.