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  1. Possibly Facing Eviction; Advice Needed

    They offered to just increase rent instead of a meter. Whats their proposed increase? Your electricity is dirt cheap, almost to the point of being irrelevant. Did you provide a break down of how much you’re using and what it’s costing them?
  2. Salty deposit liquid dripping from car = battery leaking?

    🤫 Yes they do, but it’s a secret. They are chemically the same as flooded lead acid. The excess acid should be removed before getting sealed though.
  3. Has Anyone Used Snow Cables on their MME?

    It’s because of a difference in clearances between tire sizes. It’s up to you to pick the correct size device and visually verify clearances . FYI, even my 4runner manual says absolutely no chains on the front wheels lol. I believe snow socks are approved in California. The downside of those is...
  4. No door lock status on ford pass app?!???

    Does that even work? My other cars prevent the drivers lock button from locking when the door is open. Some cars used to unlock the door after closing it too. They don’t think we are smart enough to not lock the keys inside lol. either way, you can just use the lock icon or the bottom two...
  5. Is it safe to install a pre-owned home charger?

    I’ll keep it simple for you, an EVSE is pretty much just an on/off switch. The vehicle does all the work. If it looks good, run it.
  6. Awesome Cyber Monday surprise!

    It’s part of the battery warranty but this was my biggest complaint about how they handled the recall. Trying to claim a software update was a fix was complete BS and most people here saw through that. They should have included an extended mileage warranty to at least 150k.
  7. Dead car, can't wait to see how they are going to tow it.

    Maybe try turning it off and back on again (disconnect battery lol). tow truck driver should have wheel Dollie’s to pull it on a flat bed. It can also be towed by a regular tow truck if all the wheels are off the ground (different type of wheel dolly).
  8. Standard vs Extended Range Battery (Premium SR/ER vs CR1)

    Range anxiety has been burned into peoples brains for some reason and most of them are like you and have a much shorter than average commute. Charging on road-trips wouldn’t bother me I just don’t fully trust the car and don’t want to deal with a broken down car in a different state. Yeah it’ll...
  9. DCFC melted / welded to Mach-E charge port during charging session (updated with photos) 😱

    What is ford waiting for? Cut off the charger plug and replace the connector on the vehicle. Btw I’m pretty sure those charging stations have safety disconnect somewhere near by if you ever have to cut yourself free 😂
  10. Driving through water / deep puddles with Mach-E ?

    Lmao at the blue 4x4 that said screw it I’ll just drive down the river 😂. the Nissan truck and Land Rover near the end did it properly though. Create a wake and stay behind it.
  11. Salty deposit liquid dripping from car = battery leaking?

    ABSORBANT glass mat. It’s most definitely filled 😉. Under normal circumstances it’s filled to the point of being completely absorbed. Then it’s capped. The one that leaked was capped with like 4/5 rubber caps then covered up with a plastic cover that was plastic welded on. The entire battery did...
  12. Is my home circuit sufficient to add a Level2 charger ?

    That must be one hell of a garage refrigerator… 😂
  13. Salty deposit liquid dripping from car = battery leaking?

    Under “normal” conditions. They most definitely can leak. I had a brand new AGM battery leak on my motorcycle. It’s just a rubber cap sealing the battery and if it’s overfilled it can leak. Manufacturer claimed it was a mix of overfilled and loose cap. If it’s damaged it can definitely leak. The...
  14. Electric Highways

    You’re right, if you can fully manage it through smart charging it’s not that big of a deal. The good thing about power plants is their ability to ramp up and down quickly based on demand. the problem is that power generation is going to be completely changed in the next few decades in states...
  15. Electric Highways

    My quote was about $1k per kWh for a lithium iron system, I forget which brand. The Tesla power walls are about 800 per KWh and made with lithium ion which is less robust for this type of application.
  16. Salty deposit liquid dripping from car = battery leaking?

    My thought as well. OP Just pull the cover off to verify. Maybe hose it down before it does too much damage.
  17. Electric Highways

    Battery storage currently makes no sense for consumers. It will cost you about $1k for every 1kWh of storage. It would cost me $24k for a battery storage solution that could cover charging for my daily commute only 😂. Yes you’re right, but a push to renewable power will completely change the...
  18. Sync 4A Update Overview from Ford - Larger Apple CarPlay Android Auto interface, added dial functionality & more

    Oh yay, it’s gonna be even more laggy now 😂. The trunk button on the home screen would be nice, only because they can’t get the paak proximity to work accurately and I’m tired of hitting the trunk release 20x before it opens lol. looks like the new placement for the frunk/trunk release will be...
  19. Electric Highways

    Unless you’re retired, I’d say most people charge their EVs overnight. Overnight EV charging will become the new PEAK usage. I’m willing to bet that in the near future your only cheap rates will be from 10am-2pm. Unless your employer has chargers available, everyone will be paying much more to...
  20. Electric Highways

    While it’s definitely theoretically possible, regulations can make it quite expensive and tricky. California is the poster child for putting the cart ahead of the horse. They would love nothing more than to shut down all gas power plants and pay triple to import electricity from out of state...