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  1. Ride_the_lightning

    Mach-E Loses its Consumer Reports Recommended Rating

    Not to be a Debby…upper? But I just hit 13,000 miles on my 2021 premium AWD with zero issues.
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    Heating system in Mustang Mach-E ?

    Don’t forget the Tesla heat pumps failing in extreme cold. Wasn’t it a recall?
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    Ford's Cold Weather EV Tips (do you follow these?) -- "Your EV Deserves a Little TLC" Message

    Lmao. Who turns off the heater while DCFC? Great way to get more EV adoption. The colder it gets, the slower it chargers, and the colder you get sitting in your car for 45 minutes while it chargers at 35kw on a 350kw charger!
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    Charge Fault Error - Car Stops Charging

    I also had my first charge fault (in 12k miles) two days after getting the heater update this week, and today my car started charging a full 7 hours after my scheduled time (but no errors). Seems fishy to me.
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    Charge preferred time doesn't work at home

    I assume the answer is the level 1 charger? Mine starts charging immediately if it thinks it can’t reach my target charge level in the preferred window, even on level 2 (rare, but happens sometimes since my level 2 is usually throttled back to 20A).
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    Kansas Premium 19” wheels and tires $950

    These came on my 2021 Premium AWD in December of last year (approximately 1 year old). I removed them after 4 weeks and 1000 miles, so they are still essentially new. Been in my climate controlled basement ever since. $950 or good offer. I've kept them this long because I considered using them...
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    Battery Slider & knob controlled temperature and fan speed previewed in new Ford video!

    Yeah, E-heat seemed like a carryover from PHEVs that have both resistive heaters and the ability to heat from the engine heat.
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    Is there a 120v outlet in my mach e

    Agree it’s weird it doesn’t have one. Although most cars I’ve had usually had like 150W ones which aren’t too useful. I bought a 400w inverter and just tap off the points under the frunk. I really wish I could have had the option for a larger 20A+ (2000 w) one that taps directly off the HVB...
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    Bluecruise eye tracking - does it cause headaches

    BlueCruise is not level 5 self driving. You will still get a DUI. The headache is from the drinking you did before getting in the car.
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    Dealer showed up at my door (2 hours away) said they need to take my MachE for recall, or they will "Deactivate It" - WTF

    See my other comment. New cars don’t have titles. There is no issue here. The tax credit is fine. The IRS doesn’t give a duck about Ford’s stop sale. So long as OP had the MCO and legal bill of sale, they are fine.
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    Dealer showed up at my door (2 hours away) said they need to take my MachE for recall, or they will "Deactivate It" - WTF

    New cars don’t have titles. The state DMV generates the title, you send in the manufacturers certificate of origin (MCO) and dealer bill of sale to the DMV in your state, which the dealer likely already had.
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    Mach-E and F-150 Lightning Will Be Offered by EV Subscription Service, Autonomy

    At some point in my life I would consider this when I have enough income to completely waste it on cars without the hassle of leasing and trading. Unfortunately I bet this will mostly be people in their early 20s without any savings or credit history.
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    Adding a decent subwoofer/amp to your Mach-E

    The 10” fits but the amp rating slightly exceeds the rating of the 12V outlet, which is why I decided to stick with the 8”. May be fine if you don’t crank the volume, but there’s a chance you blow the fuse.
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    Adding a decent subwoofer/amp to your Mach-E

    Thats the other reason I went with the kicker. Floor stays in the lower position just fine. I definitely would prefer the JL audio if I was willing to spend the extra effort on install, but I’m happy with the quality of the kicker.
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    Adding a decent subwoofer/amp to your Mach-E

    This write up was fantastic. I want to share a slightly faster/easier “budget” version that I just did. I installed an 8” Kicker HS8 in the same spot, but since it only has a 150W amp I was able to tap into the 12V outlet feed in the hatch next to the stock premium sub (the amp comes with 14 AWG...
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    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Mine is a 2021 job 2 (Nov 1 production date) and I got it last night.
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    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I got it last night. Also woke up to my car charged to 100%. It must have reset my charge settings somehow.
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    New Lawsuit targets Ford and Mach-E Safety over high voltage battery main contactor issue

    It’s possible that the software is identifying failures earlier, before they weld. If so, that would explain seeing more cases. They could have additional resistance across their contactors, for weeks or months, and previously wouldn’t haven’t known until they failed completely and welded open...
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    Twice this week my MME didn't charge overnight

    So it happened again, kind of. I woke up and checked at 7AM and my car was still charging, and had added 5kwH. That means it started after 6AM, which is a full six hours after my charging schedule starts (12AM). I’m not sure what possessed it to simply wait 6 hours too long? Technically it’s...
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    Preconditioning without Ford Connected Charging Station

    You can precondition the CABIN when unplugged, but it only conditions the battery when plugged in.