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  1. Av8tor

    BlueCruise didn't engage today?

    driving to work and I noticed Blue Cruse did not engage at all today, the icon never turned blue. What would cause this to happen? Lane assist worked fine, just no blue cruise engagement.
  2. Av8tor

    iOS 16 Update -- issues and fix

    Updated to iOS 16 last night, found that CarPlay connected normally, but it lost connection to the Mach-e to get the battery level. Decided to repair to the car (deleted phone from car and deleted car from phone). Could not delete the iPhone from Sync until after I rebooted Sync (steering...
  3. Av8tor

    EVGo Equipment - Issue with Fast Signet Unit

    So, did my first 7 hour trip from Richmond, VA to Cleveland, OH! Ring the First Timer Bell! Used the Ford Navigation, Default was fastest route, going to Cleveland It routed me to 2 EVGo stations, which are out of network. Is this normal? At the station below, my MME would not connect to...
  4. Av8tor

    Front grill Camera misaligned?

    Newly delivered MME GTPE, front gill camera (360 package) and I’m seeing I think what is the grill in the image. Does any one else have this issue?
  5. Av8tor

    Another Man down, Winchester, VA

    My heart was broken when a tow truck passed me in the UHaul I rented to Move my Daughter. I’m still waiting for my MME, this poor sole most likely waited 7 months, it still has temp tags and Bang.
  6. Av8tor

    May 25th: Ford Live Stream - Charging/Range

    May 25, 2022, 7:00 PM, EDT DISCOVER YOUR FORD MUSTANG MACH-E® SUV - CHARGING, RANGE AND THE TECH BEHIND IT In this episode, we'll be walking you through the basics of charging your all-electric SUV, what can impact your vehicle's range, and the technology that makes it all work. Be sure to...
  7. Av8tor

    Ford E-Latch | Ford How-To | Ford just posted

    EDIT: This is a re-record for the support site that covers the same thing as the YouTube channel posted in July 2021 Covers: Opening from Outside Opening from Inside Safety Pin to protect fingers Front Power port to open frunk when battery is dead Doors will open from inside when power is dead
  8. Av8tor

    RECALL: 464 Mach-e from 2021

    And the company is recalling 464 electric Mustang Mach-E SUVs from 2021. A software problem can cause unintended acceleration, deceleration or a loss of drive power in all-wheel-drive vehicles. Ford says in documents posted Thursday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the...
  9. Av8tor

    Tesla Uses Engineering Samples for the Modem in All the New Model S, 3, and Y Units

    Tesla Uses Engineering Samples for the Modem in All the New Model S, 3, and Y Units According to GreenTheOnly – a white-hat hacker that has studied Tesla products and software for years – all units of the Model S Plaid and all Model 3s and Model Ys with AMD chips come with modem chips that read...
  10. Av8tor

    FordPass Remote Setup feature ENDS May 20

    Just noticed that the FordPass app Remote Setup Feature is ending on May 20, 2022. MME still in Mexico, has not shipped, but I'll lose the ability to dream about selecting engaged or unbridled from the remote setup feature on my phone :( I guess it was not a widely used feature.
  11. Av8tor

    POLL: 2022 JAN/FEB/MAR Built Not Shipped

    Wanted to get a count on how many MME's are orphaned in Mexico. Built but not shipped. You can come back if Yes, and change your poll to get a count of how many remain.
  12. Av8tor

    POLL: Max Charge Settings UI

    How many out there would prefer a more simplified way of setting the Max charge setting in the Mach-e? Example: Rivian: Daily Extended Trip Tesla Slider
  13. Av8tor

    Window Sticker Decoder

    Made this graphic for the 3/14/22 build week gang, thought I would post it here for easy search. [Edit 1] Added yearly sequence number, Window sticker print date [Edit 2] Added unique part of VIN [Edit 3] Added coded invoice date, changed Invoice Number, changed middle number I thought was...
  14. Av8tor

    POLL: What your age group

    Curious, what is the age break-down of MME folks
  15. Av8tor

    Rich Ford Experience - Shelby Mustang Mach E Concept 4K

    Ford has changed the striping on this one.
  16. Av8tor

    Precondition your Mustang Mach-E

    I have not received my Mach-e yet, but added my VIN to the FordPass app and noticed a news article about preconditioning. I think Ford is trying to clear up the lack of information in the user manual. Precondition your Mustang Mach-E Your Mustang Mach-E was tested in extremely cold...
  17. Av8tor

    POLL: Did you test drive a Mach-e?

    This is a poll for @JerryL idea on if you test drove a Mach-e
  18. Av8tor

    Ford recruits Tesla Roadster chief engineer

    Tesla loses Roadster chief engineer behind several important vehicle programs to Ford Device Advisor - AWS IoT Core ( Summary from article above: Tesla has lost its executive in charge of new vehicle programs who has been in charge of several important engineering programs, and...
  19. Av8tor

    Mach-E Scheduling (1/31) for Builds (2/28) through (3/28)

    I guess we can't get too far out with the current shortages. Another Cleanup scheduling week. Although, a few have been notified of 4/4 schedule date.