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  1. 11/7/22 Build Week Thread for 2023 MME's

    Congratulations! That is fast. I was told 40 days for shipping to West of Dallas. You may be right. Cars to Dallas might be unloaded in South TX instead of going to KC. Last time (if I remember it correctly), it took about a month for my MME to come out from KC.

    Another one for GT under the rain.
  3. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Did you pick up your new mme? Please share some pictures.
  4. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    @Warp Asylum supposed to pick his up on Friday (today).

    Date-Month-Year December 10th 2022 It got me every time.
  6. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    I do not work for the dealer so I do not know for sure. I think the saleperson who has an abandoned order would get the first dip for some days. If the saleperson cannot find a new customer to take the order, it would go to the main pool. We have taken two deliveries from abandoned orders. Based...
  7. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Here is the picture of Blu-E. It was an abandoned horse so we adopted it today. MY2022 Premium AWD Extended Range at MSRP. We are still on the fence about taking the delivery of the incoming 2023 vapor blue premium rwd sr light gray interior. If anyone is interested, please message me and I...
  8. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    You can check the rail code from this post. I have seen another source with more rail codes but I just could not find the link. Cars usually transported to KC and then moved by rail to the destination rail (from the rail code). Then the car would be picked up by a truck to your dealership. I was...
  9. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    We just took a delivery of a new MME today. We were at the dealership and saw a beautiful New Premium AWD ER on the lot. We finally finished up the paperwork and took the delivery. It is a MY2022 and we paid MSRP for it. Pictures coming soon.
  10. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    It does not look like the car stopped at KC. I think Central Texas will have to stop at KC but I do not know about South Texas. It is nice and green so things might be different there.:)
  11. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    When did Ford start building with new HVBJB? I have a 2022 to but it will be used as a trade. It ran like a champ for 2 round trips (1400 miles total) of 2000 foot grade but it has some quality control issue. Well all of my last three Ford vehicles had cosmetic and body alignment issues. I can...
  12. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    After a long wait, my MME has been shipped!!!!!!!!!! My current MME leaky problems has been fixed too. It is such a good day. If you want to see my post about my leaky MME, here is the link.
  13. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Nothing for me (yet). I think the model is first-in last-out for a sub batch. That makes sense. The cars were probably parked in a holding lot for the next step. Last time my MME was built towards the end of an infamous chip hold period (February -March). It came out months before those early...
  14. Using chargers at Kia/Hyundai/Toyota dealerships- weird?

    I charged at a Nissan dealership and it was weird. The dealership was on the way back home and Plugshare reviews confirmed that they let people charge there. Some of the dealerships will let you charge any cars. Some locations will only let the brand charging. I think if the dealerships are in a...
  15. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    I finally saw a tear tag this morning and got a build email early am.
  16. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    I assume that you received order acknowledgement within couples of days after you had placed your order. If so, you would receive another email when your MME is scheduled for production. The production date would be about 1-2 months from that email. The email will contain a VIN and you can call...
  17. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Same here. IP on 11/18 and built on 11/19 awaiting shipping.
  18. Ford's Cold Weather EV Tips (do you follow these?) -- "Your EV Deserves a Little TLC" Message

    I got the message too but my MME has been at the dealership for more than two weeks. I think the dealership decided to follow the instructions. The car had been parked outside for several days at below 32 F at night. Yesterday, the car was moved into a garage and plugged in ready for 20's F...
  19. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Ford chat can help you with the rail car number and you find a phone number to track the rail car. However, it might not be accurate. My previous MME was delivered to the dealership in Texas but the rail car tracking info was still showing that the rail car was still emptied in Canada.
  20. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    I checked modules. My current 2022 Select MME has 1,796 BCE modules and the new 2023 Premium MME (being built) has 1,053 BCE modules. This is very interesting. Either the new one is still waiting for modules to be added/activated or the new one just has less modules.