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  1. Panzer948

    GT OEM Front Lip Spoiler - do owners like it or some going aftermarket?

    I have a GT PE on order (hopefully around Christmas) so looking for a few mods early on as Christmas presents ;). I have a couple of minor items picked out like a rear lip spoiler, side window louvers, floormats, etc. I was looking at the front lip spoiler. What it comes stock looks pretty...
  2. Panzer948

    Matte or Glossy Front/Rear Spoilers - which match rest of car better?

    I still don't have my MME GT PE but should right around Christmas time, thus trying to give my wife some early Christmas ideas. I am glad to see we already have several manufactures offering spoilers for the MME. I want to do some subtle mods, nothing to far out. I see that AOSK has some...
  3. Panzer948

    Just got build date for 2023 Vapor Blue Metallic - need to find example of color fast!

    Hi, we are excited to already get our build date, which was much sooner than expected. However, my wife isn't sold on the new Vapor Blue Metallic and wants to see it in person before the car is built in early Nov. I have pictures of it, such as the ones below. But need to really see this in...
  4. Panzer948

    Have a 11 Year Old Siemens Level II Charger - work ok for Mach E?

    I am not new to the EV world but do feel like times have changed drastically since I bought my first EV 11 years ago. This was back in the day when your only option was the Tesla roadster, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt. The latter was our choice but it's finally time to retire it for a full EV...
  5. Panzer948

    Ordering tomorrow - how long are they predicting to be built now?

    I really wanted to order the day the order banks opened back up a couple of weeks ago... but alas we had some family trips in the way. After finally test driving a used GT, I have made the decision to place my order for a new MME GT PE. Thinking about Vapor Blue instead of the Red. Anyway, I...
  6. Panzer948

    Decision between MME GT PE & Competitors; is 5 sec. perf. limit the deciding factor?

    I am seriously in the market to finally replace our 11 year old Chevy Volt with a full EV, that also has good performance. I love cars and own quite a variety, including a 2015 BMW M4. Thus, I would love to have an EV capable of transporting my small family on trips that also gives some "fun"...