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  1. Av8tor

    Fastest Stop Safely Now Ever - 25 feet off of the dealership parking lot after delivery

    @ripperAZ This is your 4th MME that you own? are you creating an electric fleet?
  2. Av8tor

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Me too. Removed Vehicle from Tronity, ABRP Tronity Link, and Recurrent. Requested my account be reactivated.
  3. Av8tor

    Ford website - Cannot login, Account is disabled

    Yep, I've been Told by Ford in order to re-activate my FordPass, I'll need to remove my Tronity Account all together.
  4. Av8tor

    No Vehicle Connection - Battery level may not be accurate.

    It's actually a combo. Ford has set up access for Apple / Google to get access to additional vehicle information directly from the car. So, we are experiencing, "newness" on both sides, New access via Sync, New API's, New developer integration. Maybe some finger pointing too..
  5. Av8tor

    All I Want for Christmas is (improvements to my MME)...

    Ok, I stand corrected, WILL BE FIXED SOON, I'm in Early Access.
  6. Av8tor

    All I Want for Christmas is (improvements to my MME)...

    4. The drive data to reset AFTER EVERY DRIVE. I don't want to see the miles from yesterday's commute home as. This has been FIXED with the last OTA update. I have a 2022.
  7. Av8tor

    No Vehicle Connection - Battery level may not be accurate.

    Yep, I've also noticed that it will eventually get the data. Often times it will show an old number, and then in a few minutes it will get the actually battery level and adjust.
  8. Av8tor

    Speed warning won’t turn off

    Ford had me run through settings, confirm behavior, and I sent screenshots. They said this will require a dealer to troubleshoot further. They have access to engineering. I have not had time to take it in yet.
  9. Av8tor

    Tesla Announces Opening up of NACS (Tesla Plug) Charging Standard

    I think this is a little too late.. Should have been done before others jumped into the EV market. I agree that it's a much better design, but this pushes the design changes onto his competitors, why would they?
  10. Av8tor

    2023 Mach-E Owners Manual PDF for anyone interested

    I wonder how long it will take for the 2023 UI changes to make it to the rest of us. Manual now shows use the knob to adjust.
  11. Av8tor

    Car Profile Issues

    Me too, I know right away when it's dark out, because the ambient lighting is purple instead of blue or orange for my last setting. During the day, I don't catch it right away and am already driving when I notice it.
  12. Av8tor

    Battery Slider & knob controlled temperature and fan speed previewed in new Ford video!

    oooh, but you can use the volume knob to turn up the seat heat!!!!!!! up/down/up/down/up/down/up click/click/click/click!
  13. Av8tor

    Car Profile Issues

    Dido: have the same issue
  14. Av8tor

    Speed warning won’t turn off

    I also have this issue PLUS I can't change the Tolerance level. It's stuck at 5! If I change it Higher, say 10, it stays there for a few seconds and then resets to 5. I can go lower, but then that becomes the new setting, and it will not go higher than that say move it to 3, then move it to...
  15. Av8tor

    So "E-Heat" doesn't work in "Accessory Mode"?

    I thought the only thing accessory mode was used for is to reset the trip computer: LOL