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  1. Ride_the_lightning

    Kansas Premium 19” wheels and tires $950

    These came on my 2021 Premium AWD in December of last year (approximately 1 year old). I removed them after 4 weeks and 1000 miles, so they are still essentially new. Been in my climate controlled basement ever since. $950 or good offer. I've kept them this long because I considered using them...
  2. Ride_the_lightning

    Twice this week my MME didn't charge overnight

    I just woke up and got in the car. Battery at 45%. Car plugged in for the last 12 hours. Same as every night. This is the 2nd time in 5 days the car has just decided not to charge during my preferred charge times. The app says "waiting until 12:00AM to charge." 12:00AM came and went and the car...
  3. Ride_the_lightning

    This car is great in the cold!

    With all the posts whining about winter range, I thought I’d post my contrarian view. A big reason I got my MME AWD was for winter. I work from home but drive 50-100 miles a day, including taking kids to multiple schools and activities. On a day like today, where it’s 10F, I used to have to...
  4. Ride_the_lightning

    Mach E LG battery similarities to Bolt batteries?

    I have a Mach E premium AWD on order with scheduled production end of October. I’m really excited about it, but I am starting to get concerned with the Chevy Bolt fires and the fact that Ford hasn’t said anything. I also can’t find much information on the technical differences between the Mach E...