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  1. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Pony is at home! Serramonte Ford was awesome, no pressure process, x-plan and all incentives were applied.
  2. My turn for dreaded High Voltage Battery Error! Am I ok to drive 30 miles to nearest dealership for service?

    we drove to dealership ourselves. James Ford was the best i could wish. they opened car and provided diagnostic on next day as we came. Ford support covered our rental car cost and monitor part availability since it was on back order. It was high voltage harness failure in our case (according...
  3. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    they do not clip, but siting on top so kids did not manage to pull them apart
  4. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    i used Ford's for GT and already have Fords set + trunk mat in garage for Pony.
  5. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Surprise, Pony made to dealership!
  6. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    i would reply since I'm driving my wife car on regular basis on weekends :) 1. PAAK is not very stable so we use FOBs all the time. 2. updates are coming, but not very often. GT is '21 2nd batch, and is running on latest 3.6.1 release 3. we decided not to pay for entertainment feature since we...
  7. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    another delivery ETA push Shipped Estimated Delivery 12/4/2022 - 12/10/2022 why support needed to call me on Friday and asked me to be ready for delivery in 5-7 days?!.... tired
  8. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    talk to your CPA or tax prep person - IRA introduced changes this year
  9. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    i think 22K points is standard - I got same number every time with my previous MME purchases
  10. Standard vs Extended Range Battery (Premium SR/ER vs CR1)

    I opted for California Route 1 awd because of range. I commute 80 miles in a day so SR would be sufficient, but sometimes I do drive long trips so I prefer to have my options open
  11. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Got call from Ford today. Customer Service lady would like to confirm that delivery day is very close.
  12. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Android Auto integration is not good as integration with Aple CarPlay. my wife had to switch from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone in order to get better integration. Also, apple maps has better integration with car itself. I use mostly ABRP app to plan any my trips beyond 300 miles roundtrip. we did...
  13. Charging Rate for 2023

    I checked incoming '22 CR1 awd and it has "UP TO 150KW DC CHRG CAPABL"
  14. What is the Mach E's closest competitor?

    Direct competitors: 1. Model Y - especially after Jan 1. 2. VW id.4, Ioniq 5, Ev6 and F. Ocean I put #2 in the same row since they are loosing in cargo space. Also, I'm not familiar with VW software, but the rest definitely cannot compete with MME BC right now. Model Y Long Range is very...
  15. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Estimated Delivery changed. Today it 11/25/2022 - 12/1/2022
  16. 10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    I think dealers are taking major hit for Ford logistics failures. I ping my dealer about my unit and reply made me laughing: "Convoy is for the last leg of the journey. Mach E is shipped by railcar from Mexico to Kansas City, then again from KC to Richmond, CA. Once there, they're shipped by...
  17. Ioniq 5 named Motortrend SUV of the year

    Maybe, since MME does no have any notable changes since 2021
  18. Ioniq 5 named Motortrend SUV of the year

    I believe that all these competition require marketing team involvement. It looks like Ford missed it.
  19. Ioniq 5 named Motortrend SUV of the year

    2023 finally have preconditioning. :) it's a great car with own issues, some of them related to brand itself. I briefly owned one and learned that my heart belongs to MME and cold math calculation pointing to Model Y as best buy for 2023 (if you can get tax credit). :)