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  1. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    Episode seven is up! This is my best attempt at explaining charging. I'm calling it "part 1" because I'd like to do another with more in-depth info, but we'll need a few more miles under our belt first. In the meantime, enjoy....
  2. Doug&Julie

    Mach-E vs. 2024 Porsche Macan EV - design, specs, price

    This car is still heavily disguised...I'll wait to see the actual final product before I cast judgement on aesthetics. I sure like the ICE Macan...a I'm still optimistic about the EV version. ...not that I can afford one either way...
  3. Doug&Julie

    Not fat shaming but…

    What I wanna know is how do I get this Fuchs wheel option on my Mach-E?!?
  4. Doug&Julie

    Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    Found this one at a local Target yesterday. It was the only one there. Also found a Matchbox ID4 and a Hot Wheels Hummer EV. But I'll definitely be looking for more of these!
  5. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    For sure...we're hoping to hit the Wallowa Mtn area and eventually visit your way as well...but I've heard the same...pretty thin on charging stations. Hopefully this new infrastructure infusion will help out with that. Until then, we're probably sticking closer to the I5 corridor. Thanks for...
  6. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    Thank you for the kind words! I hope you get your MME soon and can get your dad to drive around a bit...they make fun memories. We lost our dad in 2015 and with every new "event" in my life, I often think of him and how he'd like to be a part of it. I think he would have loved the Mach-E...
  7. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    Episode six is up! In this episode, my 84 year old mother drives an EV for the first time. Spoiler alert, she liked it!
  8. Doug&Julie

    POLL: What do you call your car?

    In general, we refer to her as a Mach-E (never a Mustang). She has a nickname...Monkey*...and Julie sometimes calls her Big Red (because she likes a smaller car and feels the Mach-E is a little on the big side). * - Over a year ago, we were one a call with my 84 y/o mother, planning her next...
  9. Doug&Julie

    Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    Dang! ..just ordered one from eBay. Oh well, I bought an orange one because they don't have Rapid Red. Maybe I'll order a black one from here and paint it..
  10. Doug&Julie

    What's a good kw per mile range (on highway) for extended range battery?

    It seems 70 mph is a tipping point...most of our local highways have 55 mph limits, so driving 60ish we regularly get mid to high 3s in miles per kWh. On our roadtrip, getting closer to 70 mph we still got low-mid 3s, but over 70 dropped us into the 2s.
  11. Doug&Julie

    Family Resemblance - new ICE Mustangs (7th gen S650 platform)

    I see the evolution in the design, but I'm not a fan. Judging by this, I'm thinking Mustang design has peaked. ...says the guy driving a four-door crossover Mustang...
  12. Doug&Julie

    Mach E Owner Satisfaction Survey

    Really it's somewhere between "satisfied" and "best car ever". Closer to "best car", so that's what I picked...
  13. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    Thanks for the compliments! For sure Subaru is the official car of the PNW...we used to be one of those owners. So far we don't miss it. The Mach-E is a fine soft-roader...not sure I'd call it an off-roader. 😜 We never used the Ford app for...well, anything, really. Other than checking on...
  14. Doug&Julie

    Mach-E Premium AWD SR vs AWD ER -- worth spending the $6,000 to get an extended range battery?

    Something else to long do you plan to keep your car? We bought our Mach-E with long term ownership in mind. As the car ages, batteries will likely degrade (how much is still very TBD), but let's say in 10 years / 100k miles we lose 10% of our battery...our 300 mile EPA range car...
  15. Doug&Julie

    I Made a Video

    So I finally got our long road trip video up...I had a very busy July and early August with work, so it took me a while. But if you've got a free 36 minutes, check it out! Note the total kWh number at the end isn't one of the stations (Klamath Falls), we missed the kWh added...
  16. Doug&Julie

    Our First Road Trip - Portland to Bend to NorCal to Portland

    So I had a very busy July and early August for work, but I finally got this put together. If you've got a spare 36 minutes, check it out! Note: our kWh total at the end isn't one station we used (Klamath Falls), we missed the total kWh output....sorry. The rest of the numbers...
  17. Doug&Julie

    Back to Two Cars—MME and PHEV

    Sold our ICE car just a few weeks ago... Now the MME rules the garage alone... Someday (next year) we'll buy another EV, but I'm pretty sure we're done with anything with an internal combustion engine.* * - Unless we win the lottery and can buy an old 911 again...
  18. Doug&Julie

    ICEV most like to see as BEV?

    RE: a convertible EV...Porsche is reportedly making a Boxster convertible. But interestingly...if you believe some of the preliminary "reports", they're not basing it on the typical skateboard chassis of most modern EVs, but they intend to package it more like the current Boxster...battery...
  19. Doug&Julie

    ICEV most like to see as BEV?

    Something convertible please...
  20. Doug&Julie

    National Drive Electric Week 2022

    I feel like we did this already this year... :p