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  1. SashaLondon

    Bugatti's design boss says MME looks like male genitalia......

    Read this article about the upcoming Bugatti and there was a discussion with the Bugatti design chief where he said; On the flip side, Anscheidt also laments how boring current EV design has been considering the creative freedom "skateboard" platforms have afforded, even calling the Ford...
  2. SashaLondon

    I have gone 7.1 miles for 0% use.

    I accidentally charged my car to 100% last night and left for work this morning. Arriving at work after a 7.1 miles journey I still have 100%. Amazing efficiency my journey is not downhill its up and down hills or massive error somewhere. Anyone else had something like this before? I
  3. SashaLondon

    Legend for the navigation road colours

    I randomly found the legend for the navigation map road colours. Though I would share because it is really hidden and I wanted to see something like this in the past.
  4. SashaLondon

    Anyone else check their OTA status when they first get in the car

    The first thing I do when I get going in the car is check the OTA screen to see if there Is an update. Far too much compared to it’s importance in the grand scale of things. Am I the only one obsessed with the OTA and immediately checking it every journey?
  5. SashaLondon

    Can you precondition but not charge?

    I haven't tried this but if you plug in and don't want to charge (say you charge when you get to 20% and you at 50%). Does the car precondition with the power from the mains automatically? I am sure it must do but I do not use the scheduled preconditioning.
  6. SashaLondon

    Great e-heat tip from YouTube (Nick Amstrong)

    This video looks at the e-heat and does some testing with a laser thermometer. You can watch the video but my takeaway was that to get the hot air coming out he switched on the re-circulate button. This noticeably increased the temperature coming out the vent. Sometimes the heating is very weak...
  7. SashaLondon

    MME in shortlist for Europe’s prestigious Car of the Year 2022 award

    The MME is on the list for the prize. Great work Ford on this. All the cars except one are electric! The shortlist for the prize, which will be awarded on 28 February, is: • Cupra Born • Ford Mustang Mach-E • Hyundai Ioniq 5 • Kia EV6 • Peugeot 308 • Renault Megane e-Tech Electric • Skoda...
  8. SashaLondon

    Turn Direction indicator on Map and instrument cluster different when under a mile

    I have had this since day one of having my car. When the turn indicator is under a mile the two screens do not match. So much so that I do not use the instrument cluster direction indicator as I do not trust it. I have just tested it with my iPhone on aeroplane mode to make sure it is not a...
  9. SashaLondon

    Reorder the radio presets with drag would be nice.

    In the navigation screen there is a line saying hold down the icons to re-arrange the navigation search icons. I hope they do this on the radio screen. Mine is a total mess. You can’t remove them (If anyone knows)?
  10. SashaLondon

    Regen/power display in instrument cluster in 2022 Model??

    This video at time 8.40 shows a regen/ power gauge on the instrument cluster. I haven't seen this shown anywhere else? Is this in OTA 1.7.1 or is this only a 2022 model thing to come later to other cars?
  11. SashaLondon

    How do you drive your MME?

    I have become more focused on the efficiency lately and don’t put my foot down as often as when I first got the car. How do you sum up your Mme driving attitude?
  12. SashaLondon

    Small efficiency meter error

    My 7 year old Asked this morning asked “why does the percentage add up to 101 percent”? I have enclosed a photo below. I never noticed before if this was an issue.
  13. SashaLondon

    OTA FordPower-Up updates information

    I have decided to make a list of the OTA powers. I will update as they are released and I can get the details. OTA FordPower-Up 1.4.0 New SecuriAlert SecuriAlert gives you extra peace of mind by alerting you through the latest version of the FordPass app (3.26) whenever a door is opened...
  14. SashaLondon

    Pressing volume button on steering wheel

    Pressing the volume button down on the steering wheel should stop / mute CarPlay. It doesn’t do anything. Think they missed this and it can be programmed. Pressing again should start the audio. Not sure if it mutes the radio or other audio.
  15. SashaLondon

    Scared to go to the car wash...... Re side Mach E badges

    I went on holiday last week with lots of trips to the beach. The car is a mess with sand everywhere. I need to wash the car but I haven't gone because of so many posts complaining about the side logos coming off. Any advice on how to wash the car without them coming off?
  16. SashaLondon

    Navigation setting place bad UX.

    All the settings are in on place. I don’t know why the navigation settings are in another (in navigation). I found it by mistake. At the least it should be accessible in both. I think that is not good UI. The only ui complaint I have.
  17. SashaLondon

    Missing button in settings - Pre-Collision Assist Distance Indicator

    I have been trying to get rid of the pre-collision assistance distance indicator but I do not have the distance indication button in my settings to remove it. Is this a problem for anyone else, a problem related to my model (AWD SR) or my software (revision 263)? Correct screen.
  18. SashaLondon

    Navigation instructions on small screen are incorrect

    I have picked up my car and had to use the navigation to get home. I missed a couple of turns because the small instruction was completely incorrect and didn’t match the route. This was for the whole journey. The large screen map was correct the whole time. I took a photo at a traffic light to...
  19. SashaLondon

    499 Classic Mustang electric cars available to buy.

    There is a new electric car company with a classic looking Mustang. Looks good but there are only 499 left. Drive that to the Mustang meetups that give Mach-e drivers evil eyes. Only £300,000 or about $420,000. Charge car
  20. SashaLondon

    Maximum attained range awards

    What about people posting their highest attained ranges for each variant? Post pics of the journey on a full charge and see who can go the furthest.