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  1. Fordpass points for covered maintenance 2 years?

    1$ and you used your points u got w the car? Sounds good to me the points I got were less than buying tires and could not buy me anything, but I may be reading it wrong
  2. Roof Spoiler? A Mod that makes your MME stand out while keeping your style subtle【Finally arrived amazon warehouse】

    No side rear mirror, what you offer but bigger over the black window trim rather than within the actual glass area, its just so small it visually does not do much imo so I think the extra inch or whatever along the sides may make it a bit bigger and considerable in the visual flow
  3. I guess it's my turn for HVB issues

    I asked about 5 times during my purchase that the included free oil changes are included right? During sales guy and finance lady and porter greeting... My wife kept hitting me.... But they all said very confidently yes oh yes! Sorry you had the hvjb issues broke hope it gets fixed soon at...
  4. Roof Spoiler? A Mod that makes your MME stand out while keeping your style subtle【Finally arrived amazon warehouse】

    rear louvers i think would look better if bigger and covered the "trim" rather than fitting inside the trim
  5. Awesome Cyber Monday surprise!

    Has anyone had or heard of a post recall new version one die or go bad?
  6. Braking to a full stop is strange

    for me 1 pedal is fine and is as expected for stops... on "normal" non 1p driving the braking is absolutely horrific, a good 20% of the press does nothing, then boom - that + coasting does like nothing to slow you down, it was my main reason to go 1p... that was when I took my car's delivery, in...
  7. Lighted Pony Project (back it!)

    So these are still unavailable to buy "new" ones? Wouldn't mind buying a back one, but would want a front one to match-
  8. New emblem

    Mmmm gt-r
  9. Seat track extender to increase legroom?

    I am 6-8 and, umm.. big.. ;) I still can put my seat back some from my saved/regular sitting position, have you sat in it and have an issue? Are you trying to not have your knee/leg "hit" the center screen? If you are as tall, and/or large as I - there is no car w/ a center stack that your/my...
  10. Driving a Polestar 2 while my Mach-E is in the body shop

    Is it using the android version of the Volvo system? I disliked the 'new' android version of their infotainment vs their in-house version even w the initial lag... But they did up the CPU I think in 19 or 20 and the boot up lag was gone in the rentals I used... But polestar may use a completely...
  11. All I Want for Christmas is (improvements to my MME)...

    We paid and they made fancy pony puddly lights.... Have them on as much as you can for goodness sake. Every other car with signature or normal puddle lights they are on all the time
  12. 30 Amp Service

    My old 20amp l2 charger from my lead did consistent 5% an hour, on my standard range battery I upped it to 40amp to use the 32a from the ford mobile charger included w the car, I figured it would basically double to 10% but it does more of about 14 to 16% per hour in reality so I was happy to...
  13. Tinting the panoramic roof

    don't know if I got that brand but I got that same type of thing. The stock glass does a good job at heat even here in Florida summer high 90s it was fine, I got it for the visual sun blocking and its cheaper and removable vs tint for if you want it off when its not so sunny. I got the gray or...
  14. Android Auto Coolwalk is real and it's spectacular!

    Looks like apple car play w the multi app view so that's good as I generally use native sync vs AA maybe this will change my ways
  15. Tinting the panoramic roof

    I am in Florida and for heat its fine stock, but the glare and beaming sun sometimes is still harsh. I bought a pop in shade (still needs clips) and it helps and cheaper than tint
  16. Mach-E vs. 2024 Volvo EX90 - design, specs, price

    I hope so, and I am glad your Volvo is doing well! I was anxious about the delivery and purchase process of my mach e and then I said to myself 'worst case I walk out and I have to drive a Volvo xc90 and have the bowers and Wilkins stereo drowned out my tears‘ total 1st world problems
  17. Mach-E vs. 2024 Volvo EX90 - design, specs, price

    I had a XC90 T6 Inscription, it had all of that. Want to know something that I still haven't gotten over from it to my mache? The stupid turn signal arm plastic meeting point where on the other side arm is the rear wiper flip switch.... On the Volvo, no seams, and the arms were curved to match...
  18. Mach-E vs. 2024 Volvo EX90 - design, specs, price

    I purchased my 2016 XC90 w low miles CPO and I paid 2600$ for a extended CPO. After a bit over 2 years I had over 12k of warranty work done to it. All that AND it still randomly shook where it felt like a BAD warped rotor... But it wasn't it would go away if you literally smashed quickly on the...
  19. Mach-E vs. 2024 Volvo EX90 - design, specs, price

    After my exp w my 2016 XC90 I have no doubt this will be the absolute best lux EV And will be riddled with nonsense issues Volvo dealers... Or their service techs departments are NOT ready to support EVs. They barely can service the tech in their current lineup. You think Ford is dubious...
  20. Collision avoidance is brilliant!!

    Out inifiti qx60 has saved us twice from what would have been major crashes on the interstate, both times in SC on our FL to NC trip. Nissan has a cool tech on their sonar that also shoots it under the car infront of you to the next car. Both times our car started breaking, beeping and lighting...