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  1. IgorKl

    Powertrain malfunction......

    Frustrated..... I bet I'm missing similiar posts :( Just one week after replacing high voltage harness got 2 errors. Car is not charging on L2, orange circle..... any idea? Of course going to call dealer tomorrow :(
  2. IgorKl

    2023 can be a year when EV competition would be wide open

    Hi ALL, I think 2023 would be very competitive year for EV's. if Tesla would not raise they prices much it should be great year for consumers: 1. Hyundai and Kia will loose tax credit - so less people would be motivated to buy them so dealers may cool off mark-ups. I personally prefer Ioniq 5...
  3. IgorKl

    Caring for Shadow Black ⚫

    Hello, My wife 21 Shadow Black MME is my 1st car in black color. As much as I like how MME looks in black I disappointed that I can see everything on it (light scratches and dried water marks). Please advice how I can fight with it without full ppe. Thanks
  4. IgorKl

    Positive experience at James Ford Service Department (HMB)

    I just came from James Ford at Halfmoon Bay. They applied 22S41 recall patches on both of my MMEs. They spent about 30 minutes on each car. The service appointment was very well organized and I did not spent much extra time at dealership.
  5. IgorKl

    Ford Store Morgan Hill - less words, only great results.

    Couple months ago I was able to put deposit on dealer ordered MME at Morgan Hill. The process itself was short, no hassle MSRP price and if I qualify at the delivery day X-plan pricing. I was inpatient as many of us during waiting time, but my sales manager James was as cool as it possible...