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  1. mkhuffman

    Service Vehicle Soon! Is it finally my turn?

    I just got back from a weekend trip to Roanoke to see my mom, and a few hours after returning, we were going out to a local brewery to get some hummus. As I was waiting for my wife to finish waking one of our dogs, I was playing around with the drive selector, testing putting the car into...
  2. mkhuffman

    Steeda Front Sway Bar! It is awesome. Transforms the car into what it should be.

    I saw this today, and have not seen anyone else post about it. I guess that means nobody on the forum has tried it yet? This seems like a @markboris project! I am seriously considering doing this. I have the Steeda rear...
  3. mkhuffman

    Should I Install The Ford Hood Protector? Opinions Please!

    I ordered this from Ford and used temporary tape to attach it to the car. I am not sure I like how it looks. What do you think? From a part perspective, the material is thin and breaks easily. In fact, I forgot to remove it after taking these pictures and it shattered when it fell off. Of...
  4. mkhuffman

    I raced a motorcycle tonight

    I won but only because he stopped accelerating at 70 mph. I am in the Outer Banks, NC, this week. I was traveling down 158 from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head after a trip to Walmart. At a stop light, we lined up. I saw he hit it hard when the light changed and so I floored it hoping to pass him. We...
  5. mkhuffman

    Did you know Neutral (N) does this?

    I am a regular on the forum, but it is possible I missed someone else posting about this. Link to it if you must! So the other day, I was driving around town and decided to play around with the drive selector. What would happen if I spun it all the way into Reverse or Park? Actually, nothing...
  6. mkhuffman

    Analyzing a 243 Mile Winter Trip in my Base Mach-E GT

    This week I drove from my home in Williamsburg to see my parents in Roanoke. On the way there and back I captured data from the trip using Car Scanner. This is a report of what I measured coming home. On a side note, the efficiency in mi/kWh going there was similar to what I measured coming...
  7. mkhuffman

    Red and White Pin Stripes, and Spoiler Shading on my GT

    For many months I thought I would put stripes on the hood like others have done. I was really thinking of a subtle color, like a light grey on the Star White paint. But When I got the car, I just thought it looked so good without the stripes. (Also, my wife didn't like the idea.) I started...
  8. mkhuffman

    Why huge difference between car trip log and FordPass EV driving data?

    And which one is correct? I think actually the FordPass trip data is more accurate, because I calculated the amount of battery used based on the starting battery charge level and ending battery charge level, which was very close to what FordPass indicated. And way off from what the car trip...
  9. mkhuffman

    Ramps for working under a GT

    I got a couple ramps to make it easier to get under the car and change the motor oil and filter (you have to get under the car to reach the oil filter), and thought I would share the ones I am using. First off, I hate going under cars. I have this massive phobia about the car falling on me. So...
  10. mkhuffman

    Beware! Life360 will rat you out!

    I swear, I had no idea I was going that fast. I am looking for an excuse to drive my new, awesome, MME. My wife said she needs a few things from the grocery store, so I am in! This is what happened. If you don't have your MME yet, you have no idea how much fun and trouble you can have!!! If...
  11. mkhuffman

    First Rivian, but the MME wins for now

    I am still a big Rivian fan, but after following this forum since November, there is real world experience from members here that made it much easier to make a decision. I placed my order for my MME yesterday! Very excited. And now the five month wait begins. The two vehicles are aimed at...
  12. mkhuffman

    How tire pressure impacts range - insight into impact of 245/50 R19 tires on stock 19 wheels?

    I found this article that tested the impact of tire pressure on BEV range. I am trying to determine if I want to change out the tires with 245/50 R19 tires to give the car a more aggressive look, and to improve...
  13. mkhuffman

    Black Wheels on White Mach-E

    I was looking on Autotrader to find the closest Mach-E, and found a listing with black wheels. I have not seen one with black wheels before. I think they must painted them. I think the car looks really good with black wheels but I know many people don't like black wheels.