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  1. youdiscussedme

    Toki got new stripes today

    I haven't seen too many wrapped cyber orange MMEs (non GT) on here, so I wanted to share mine. Third photo is a close-up of the wrap. It's "gold dust" satin finish by 3m. The glitter in it matches the metallic flake in the original paint almost precisely 😌. Edit: almost forgot - the front end...
  2. youdiscussedme

    Custom frunk hood liner

    Hey @AOSK, could you or someone else make a frunk hood liner with a shrimp instead of a pony, please 🥹? I'd love to have a custom look for Toki at my next tailgate.
  3. youdiscussedme

    Seat cleaner to maintain OEM finish?

    I've not seen any discussion on this question in particular yet. Does anyone know of a good cleaner that's safe for synthetic leather that won't make it shiny ? I'd like to stay as close to original shine level as possible. Any cleaners I've seen around add a decent amount of shine to the material.
  4. youdiscussedme

    Can a custom fob be made with a frunk button?

    Apologies if this has been discussed before (cursory search didn't produce anything), but could a custom fob be made bearing a frunk button, or could the existing one be modded, since it's got an empty spot?🤔
  5. youdiscussedme

    Window tint color suggestions for cyber orange

    I'm not a terribly creative person - what are some window tint colors you all think would look good against cyber orange body color? I'm looking at getting ceramic tint shortly after delivery (~mid/late December). Something out of the ordinary is always a plus.