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  1. sotek2345

    Winter Range - Do You Actually Suffer Or Is It Psychological?

    No real impacts to me. For most of my longer trips, stops are more dictated by biological concerns than need to charge, and the battery still out ranges my bladder comfort. However, both our Mach-e and Lightning are ER. If we had standard range, the answer would likely be different. Cost is a...
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    How Do You Roll (your charging cable)?

    Our clip is a little finicky but has held up well and we have no issues with it. It works better than the Ford charge station pro. Maybe you got a bum one.
  3. sotek2345

    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    How fast do you normally drive!!!! 400 miles in 3 hours is an average of ~133mph! 400 miles in 7 hours is still an average of almost 60mph. Not really bad at all!
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    Tire Rack tests OEM EV tires vs Aftermarket: Michelin and Continental Brands

    I really wish the cross climate 2 was offered in a higher load rating. The stock tires on our Mach-e have been great, but the Generals on my Lightning are very marginal in winter weather. No real good options out there for replacements that don't absolutely destroy range (mostly LT rated all...
  5. sotek2345

    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    It isn't really free energy like you are thinking, the extra heat would effectively be initiating an "exothermic" (not sure of that is the right word here) electrochemical reaction that outputs more than the initiation energy. This couldn't go on forever because you only have a certain amount...
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    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    This can be improved via application / cycling of max acceleration and max regen. Might make other drivers (and police) hate you though. 🤣
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    No more road trips with our Mach-E. A 2 hour drive to Joshua Tree turns into a 3 hour drive.

    Ok - while I get the discrepancy, this is a little bit apples to oranges. Those Tesla numbers look like they are worldwide, while the EA numbers are US only (maybe US and Canada?). EA is also not the only CCS network. That said, they do need to deploy faster and be more reliable.
  8. sotek2345

    Bluecruise Tesla accident

    Never had any issues with phantom braking in ~6,000 miles over bluecruise handsfree driving. As others have mentioned, I have had a to manually apply the brakes a few times when it wasn't showing down fast enough for my comfort.
  9. sotek2345

    Chart: Mach-E vs Tesla New Prices

    Either something is wrong with you MachE, or it is the GTPE tires. Our GT is nice and quiet.
  10. sotek2345

    Chart: Mach-E vs Tesla New Prices

    Yeah, but how much would it cost to swap out the sheet metal on the Model Y to get a decent looking vehicle! ;)
  11. sotek2345

    Anybody tried Emergency Flat-tow w Regen to charge when stuck in the boonies?

    I will just add a couple pieces of advice. If you want this method as a backup, I would have a drop hitch along as well to help prevent the tow straps from cracking your front bumper. Also - your best bet is just to drive slower than you usually do, especially if a large portion of the drive...
  12. sotek2345

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    My wife and I have been having this issue for about the last month and a half (Mach-e and Lightning / Pixel 5 and Pixel 7 Pro). We are pretty sure it happened after an android auto update and that the problem lies there vs. an issue with Sync since it started happening at the same time us and...
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    I can't agree with this until the infrastructure gets much better. There are times you need to go past 80% to reliably make it to the next charger and it seems wrong to penalize that. Even if not absolutely required, going past 80% can make a significant difference on a trip. I have a route I...
  14. sotek2345

    2026 refresh wishlist/design changes

    The ability to temporarily disable the front motor so we can do some proper burnouts! It is a Mustang after all. Heck, maybe a full up line locker!
  15. sotek2345

    EV vs. ICE: How far can you travel in each state for $100?

    You do have one of the more efficient trims. In our GT - 2.3 to 2.5 is normal on the highway, and it gets closer to 2.0 in the cold.
  16. sotek2345

    Ford is saying Sync 4 is NOT upgradable to Sync 4A "There is no option to upgrade from SYNC 4 to SYNC 4A"

    Nope, the Pro and XLT trims have Sync 4. Lariat and Platinum have Sync 4a - same screen as the Mach-e
  17. sotek2345

    A new rumble for the Mach-E - Borla - Custom Exhaust sounds

    Would take Knight Rider sounds too
  18. sotek2345

    1,920 Ford dealers have enrolled in Model e program for 2024-2026 period

    No, that is for current Lightning sales:
  19. sotek2345

    1,920 Ford dealers have enrolled in Model e program for 2024-2026 period

    For the Lightning, Ford is giving dealers 10% if they follow all of the rules, so that is $5k to almost $10k per truck.