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  1. Mach-Lee

    SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    It's a triple-bladed fuse. Two fuses in one.
  2. Mach-Lee

    Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2

    Damn, send me your VIN so I can see why it failed.
  3. Mach-Lee

    What Happens if You Shift to Park While Driving?

    My guess is it does nothing until you slow down to 5-10 MPH, then it will throw the parking pawl and you'll get a nice jolt and possibly a sheared parking pawl as you slam to a halt. Parking pawl engaging at speed was a rare glitch in the early Mach-E software during certain error scenarios and...
  4. Mach-Lee

    SVS and loud fan noise

    SOBDMC P0AEE Drive Motor Inverter Temperature Sensor 'A' Circuit Range/Performance So that would appear to be a failed temperature sensor inside the rear motor inverter causing the failsafe cooling to activate. This will require a dealer visit.
  5. Mach-Lee

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    Leave the car ON (solid green power light) for two hours (disable vehicle powerdown timer setting) then run the update. I can almost guarantee that will work as long as the car stays on for the whole two hours and you immediately apply it.
  6. Mach-Lee

    TSB 23-2021 - Reverse Brake Assist Not Available and B1578:78 Stored in the IPMA

    This seems to be an update to TSB 22-2295, however it only applies to vehicles without 360º cameras built before 28-Oct-2022. I should mention the "Reverse Brake Assist Not Available" message at startup is normal after some updates have just been performed, and driving the vehicle for a few...
  7. Mach-Lee

    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    It won't affect the power a great deal, but lowering fan speed will increase the amount of heat available to the battery pack. Fan speed and temperature controls the % heat split between the cabin and the battery. You want to turn the heat down as low as possible so the battery gets a larger %...
  8. Mach-Lee

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Still amazes me how many companies don't use driver monitoring yet. To me that should be required for any lane-centering or hands-free system as a failsafe to make sure the driver hasn't fallen asleep with their hand on the wheel (or with an ankle weight). Also surprised to see they said...
  9. Mach-Lee


    Really curious what the range hit is going to be with LFP. They only hold about 65% of the energy as NMC. If they use the standard pack it will only be about 45 kWh, and if they use the extended/stacked pack case it will be about 60 kWh. I don't think anyone will want the 45 kWh pack, so seems...
  10. Mach-Lee

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    Mach-E is set to 90% already. If I charge all day it's at 99% when I get in. The hybrids are kept lower at 80% so they can do energy recovery to the 12V battery while slowing down.
  11. Mach-Lee

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Do not believe what Smartcar tells you, they lie to many developers about being an authorized user of Ford’s API. They are not authorized by Ford whatsoever to be doing what they’re doing. They are spoofing Ford’s website to illegally collect user credentials in violation of Ford’s terms of...
  12. Mach-Lee

    Mach-E catches fire on highway

    That will not really help you. Lithium battery fires can't be stopped, you have to wait for them to finish burning for many hours. If you think you have a battery fire, try to park away from structures, get out, and call the fire department (be sure to mention you have an electric car fire)...
  13. Mach-Lee

    What causes fast chargers to go down?

    There are lots of reasons. Low utility voltage Cable temperature sensor failure Dispenser logic failure Button/screen failure Cable chiller failure Power conversion module failure Outdoor temperature too high or low Isolation test failure Damaged cables/connectors Utility demand charges too...
  14. Mach-Lee

    Shift System Fault - Service Required

    Usually when emergency tow mode gets grayed out it's because the 12V battery is too low to enter. So I would suggest the dealer put a 12V battery charger on it overnight and see about updating the software. There could be something else wrong too.
  15. Mach-Lee

    Mach e Start button

    Yeah it's not a big deal to me. It keeps parity with ICE vehicles. If you own a Tesla and then drive an ICE you might forget to turn it off. Also, pressing a physical button is more satisfying in an increasingly "touchscreen" world.
  16. Mach-Lee

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    They are probably looking at this and adding their own interpretation to it. Ford has not officially said to stop APIM updates.
  17. Mach-Lee

    I am an idiot: remember to shut your car off

    Not sure if you know this, but if you leave the vehicle on and take the key with you it can't be stolen. It will not let you shift out of park unless the key is in the vehicle. So it's totally okay to leave it running/on if you need to go inside for 5-10 minutes as long as you take all the keys...
  18. Mach-Lee

    Fob vs PAAK

    The first one it hears from, which will probably be the fob.
  19. Mach-Lee

    Mach e Start button

    No way. Ford's modules depend on those signals, they are hard coded into the module design. The vehicle architecture and modules would have to be completely redesigned from scratch. Ford is using a lot of tech borrowed from their ICE vehicles so it would be expensive and complicated to make that...
  20. Mach-Lee

    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    Ah, you found the crux of the Mach-E battery heating system. If you want to heat both the battery and the cabin at the same time, the system puts the heater core and the battery in series in the loop. That means the battery only gets the leftover heat after the heater core has extracted most of...