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  1. generaltso

    Valet / car wash

    That’s not new. Valet mode has always been there. Just bring a fob when you’re going to the car wash.
  2. generaltso

    Is it Totaled or No?

    Glad she’s okay. I think that’s totaled.
  3. generaltso

    DIY: Key Fob with Frunk Button !

    Presumably, yes since Ford doesn’t make an American Mach-E fob with a frunk button. Not a bad idea if they have easy access to Lightning fobs since they’re selling these for twice the cost.
  4. generaltso

    DIY: Key Fob with Frunk Button !

    Yes, but only if the BCM and GFM have been updated.
  5. generaltso

    When in March can we expect the new tax rules from IRS?

    Nobody will be able to answer that for you. There's not even a guarantee that it will be in March. It's "expected" in March, but could very well get pushed out again.......or not.
  6. generaltso

    Would I still get the tax credit for a Mach-E Premium 2023?

    But the fact it's their full time job doesn't even make most of them learn anything about the cars that they're selling. You think it would make them learn about taxes?
  7. generaltso


    Yeah, if it's completely voluntary for dealers and they aren't given an incentive, I can't see most dealers offering it. I mean, nothing was stopping dealers from offering it before, but how many did?
  8. generaltso

    Would I still get the tax credit for a Mach-E Premium 2023?

    There's a reason people don't go to car dealers for tax advice.
  9. generaltso

    Things I miss already

    That’s only comes on the GTs.
  10. generaltso

    Things I miss already

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just set a max charging percentage for that location instead of setting an alarm to remind you to manually stop it from charging?
  11. generaltso

    Proposed bill may halt EV tax credits and possibly require repayments

    The fact that it says that people who already took the credit would have to pay it back just shows how clueless they are. Nobody has filed their 2023 taxes yet.
  12. generaltso

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    That‘s not true. The northeast is a pretty big area.
  13. generaltso

    Secondary tiles smaller after 4.1.2 update

    It's actually not too small to display the tire pressure. They've just chosen to display the words "Tire Pressure" and "PSI" instead of the actual useful information.
  14. generaltso

    Secondary tiles smaller after 4.1.2 update

    Yes, you're missing the larger tiles. Just like the rest of us.
  15. generaltso

    What Happens if You Shift to Park While Driving?

    I tested it a while ago with a loaner. It wouldn't shift into Reverse or Park while driving. It just went into Neutral.
  16. generaltso

    Vehicle no longer pre conditioning after software update

    I assume you're talking about departure time preconditioning (and the car is plugged in)? Try removing your departure time and adding it again.