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  1. The Black Horse

    I was only whelmed by my Tesla test drives

    Amazing response - learned a lot. Thanks for taking the time to respond and inform. Sucks that what you are saying only confirms my anecdotal suspicions.
  2. The Black Horse

    I was only whelmed by my Tesla test drives

    Tesla hype is all ui, app, and tech. Not the car at all. That being said, after getting the MME for its looks, style, soul, luxury feel. I am slowly realizing that I would have preferred the faster more capable ui, app, and tech. I have never been a car guy, always been into tech. Ford sold...
  3. The Black Horse

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    I hope i am not cluttering up this thread with this thought: Can someone, most likely a Ford apologist, make sense of how its fair/okay/kosher/cool/legal. To have all of these updates for known problems in our BRAND NEW cars and they not be given to us for free? (without having to make up a lie...
  4. The Black Horse

    360° Degree Camera feature is now FREE! Free Trial Extended to Permanent*!

    One day, people will have to pay extra to their landlords to breathe the air in their apartments and some people will accept it and say it makes sense. I think i only got about 40 or 60 years (max) left on this earth so hopefully I get the F outta here before it gets too bad.
  5. The Black Horse

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Hi there chaps. My car hasn't received an update since Nov. I'm on 3.6.1 - Could someone let me know if there are some issues blocking me? also, i'm uncertain if my car has the faster charging to 90% feature. Sorry if i am not being descriptive enough in my request but heres my vin. Would be...
  6. The Black Horse

    Fast charging to 90% Plz God Help Me

    Yes it falls off a cliff after 80. I know it won't be charging as fast as it did to get to 80 but i think it went down to below 20kw last time i was charging after 80.
  7. The Black Horse

    Fast charging to 90% Plz God Help Me

    Yeah, me having to pay out of pocket for an update, purposely called a module for legal reasons to make it different than an updtate, for the car i just paid 50+ grand for just doesn't sit right with my spirit. Not sure to blame ford, or the dealerships but i'm certainly not happy about it.
  8. The Black Horse

    Fast charging to 90% Plz God Help Me

    I frequently do road trips above 200 miles - I have the normal range battery so 100% is about 245 or 220 in the winter. My car needs to be at least 90% for me to make these trips without having to charge which saves me ALOT of time since i'm already driving about 3 hours.
  9. The Black Horse

    Fast charging to 90% Plz God Help Me

    I travel with my mach-e often and read the car got an update allowing it to fast charge to 90%. The update never came. Did I make this up in a fever dream? I dropped off my car at the Ford dealership for the first maintenance after about 15k miles. I asked for all the upgrades the car had to be...
  10. The Black Horse

    Ford CEO Farley showing his (and Ford's) commitment to Mustangs and motorsport

    Honestly, there is absolutely no negative spin any ford, mustang, or mme hater can put on this. This is just awesome to see. The CEO of a car company, being this passionate about cars and motorsport. Almost, and I mean almost, makes me forgive all of the blatant lies and misinformation he has...
  11. The Black Horse

    First Tesla Supercharger location with "Magic Dock" CCS compatibility in the US potentially revealed

    I work in digital marketing at a tech start up and just want to say there is no such thing as an "accidental leak". Sometimes we want to float the idea of something we are working on, or plan to work on, to the general public and hear their feedback to the "leak". From there we decide to keep...
  12. The Black Horse

    New to the EV world…

    Also, buy this car because you like the car not all the tech that comes with EV's. You seem like a car guy so this won't be a problem. I'm more of a tech nerd and feel let down by the cars ui, systems, over the air updates, all that tech bs. The build quality, drive, looks, styling, handling...
  13. The Black Horse

    New to the EV world…

    if you can afford it - buy the extended range battery.
  14. The Black Horse


    If they really wanted to "get ahead of the game" They'd just turn every Ford dealership into a Ford Network EV station. Boom, now you instantly have an amazing network of fast chargers and a giant incentive to buy a Ford EV. I'm sure people much smarter than me have thought of this. I guess...
  15. The Black Horse

    [Video] MACH-E's BIG POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE: A full tour of what's changed

    Thanks for putting this video together (if you're the creator) I'm a bit letdown that this, is the much hyped update. That being said its a MAJOR step in the right direction.
  16. The Black Horse

    charging on a 110v extension cord

    EvolveNY and Electrify America have more charging stations upstate than you would think. Be sure to check plugshare! --- When i use a 110v i get around 3-5 miles per hour. So you may be stuck charging for a while but it gets the job done if you have enough time, or don't drive much. Back...
  17. The Black Horse

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    convos like this are what i mean when i say Ford was much much further behind the industry leader than they let on and marketed. ( in terms of tech, software, and ui ) They are however lightyears ahead when it comes to build quality and looks.
  18. The Black Horse

    Tesla Slashes Prices

    For 60k i get a center console that turns off randomly while driving and needs to be rebooted. And heaters that turn off and on at random. Like i said, i absolutely love the look of my car and i dont think the build quality of the interior and exterior get enough praise. I would just prefer a...
  19. The Black Horse

    Tesla Slashes Prices

    You sound butthurt because i don't like certain aspects of my car. thats odd. And yes, if i pay 60 grand i have high expectations. I know its a car, i own an ICE car that drives just fine (i'll never sell my mini cooper, funnest drive possible). I personally buy a new car for the driving...