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  1. Maxwells4

    Want to go out in style? How about a Mach-E Limo... or Hearse! British hearse and limousine conversion specialist Coleman Milne is letting people party green and die green by adding the Ford Mustang Mach-E to its range. The company unveiled digital renderings of a six-door limousine...
  2. Maxwells4

    New industry trend: synthetic blinker fluid

    VW is taking another step into the future. Will Ford follow?
  3. Maxwells4

    Smart EVSE charge scheduling

    My electric utility has an incentive program that can shift EV charging to times of high renewable availability and/or low demand. It works with several makes of EV (but not Ford) and Chargepoint EVSEs. Given that both "smart" EVSEs and the cars themselves can schedule charging, it made me...