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  1. JohnnyForensic

    Tell me Virginia is having a warm winter without telling me Virginia is having a warm winter.

    I’m still using it. That was from this morning and I teach until about 10:00 PM, then head the 62 miles back home.
  2. JohnnyForensic

    ChatGPT, write me a song about an electric pony.

    That's shockingly good. Chat-GPT is getting scary.
  3. JohnnyForensic

    Back in the day, would you buy your Mach-E if it was a Ford, not a Mustang?

    The only thing the “Mustang” name bought me was that it made me hear about it from the brouhaha in the press as I scanned Apple News. At the time, I was waiting for a fully-electric four door SUV-format car with AWD, more than 250 miles in range, and not wearing a Tesla badge. When I saw the...
  4. JohnnyForensic

    No Updates for almost 2 years

    I’d ask the BEV team to have a field engineer assigned to your case.
  5. JohnnyForensic

    Camera Lens Cleaner / Repellant?

    I just bought this based on Mindee's recommendation, and it makes your window glass GLEAM. I haven't been out in the rain with it yet, but by the way the wind is kicking up, I might get to try it today. I used it on all of the windows/windshields and the side mirrors. Looking forward to seeing...
  6. JohnnyForensic

    Installed a Fitcamx dash cam in our 2023 Premium

    Two quick tips for you (one leads to the other). 1) If you're going to pop the memory card to look at the videos on a computer (it's easier than dealing with the WiFi from the unit), let it cool down a bit before you try to push it in to make it pop back out. The FitCamX gets HOT at the card...
  7. JohnnyForensic

    If EV's didn't exist, what car would you have instead of your Mach E?

    I’d still be happily in my Acura RDX SH-AWD Advance. Love that car, but EV is for me.
  8. JohnnyForensic

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Yeah, that’s probably what happened, best guess. If you update the PCM before the GWM and/or TCU, something blocks the upgrade path. If you do the GWM and TCU, then you’ll get the APIM. You can do the APIM and come back for the PCM, but not if you go out of that order. There were a lot of posts...
  9. JohnnyForensic

    Back Door Closing Stop Stuck Open

    I think you’ll find that MOST MME parts are on backorder across the country, unfortunately, but if you have some dealers in your area that move more BEVs than others, I’d still give them a call.
  10. JohnnyForensic

    Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    My wife found three of the Hotwheels Mach-Es for me (they were all in Rapid Red, and I’m guessing that’s the only color they’re making), and I kept one and put two on different Mach-Es I saw in parking lots as a surprise for the owners. One got a big smile on her face, and the other woman didn’t...
  11. JohnnyForensic

    Mach-E Appreciation Thread

    I still look for reasons to go driving. For me, it’s all about the smoothness and responsiveness of the electric motors. As much as I love my Acura RDX (and I do, no doubt), when you mash on the accelerator, there’s a two beat count and then it jerks forward, whines, growls, and screams as it...
  12. JohnnyForensic

    Metal Pedals

    I love these AOSK pedals. I’ve had them on my Premium for a little over a year now, and they still look fantastic and have been flawless.
  13. JohnnyForensic

    possible to make music stop while turning car off (before opening doors)?

    If there is, I haven’t seen it, and I’ve gone through the settings with a very fine toothed-comb. If someone has a different answer, I’m going to be shocked yet happily surprised.
  14. JohnnyForensic

    What’s the biggest TV you can fit in a Mach-E?

    I was literally standing in Costco trying to decide if I could get a 70” in the back of the Mach-E or if I had to come back with the minivan. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but this is good to know.
  15. JohnnyForensic

    Tesla Chargers Going in at Wawas with “15 Minute General Parking” signs?

    We have both in Virginia. I don’t know how high both chains go, but I’ve seen Sheetz in PA and OH. They’re usually pretty big operations by gas station sizing (not truck stop size to be sure, but for a neighborhood gas station, they’re immense).
  16. JohnnyForensic

    Window tint questions

    That’s fantastic dude, thanks! I’m just looking for tint to make it harder to see my ugly mug; I have no problems with the heat.
  17. JohnnyForensic

    Window tint questions

    Hey, Connor, where did you have this done? Local shop? Happy with them?
  18. JohnnyForensic

    Fitcamx FM Radio Interference

    Out of curiosity, mine only flashes blue, not red. Is the red flash signifying the rear camera is online, or does it mean something else?