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  1. azerik

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    Departure and charge times appear to be a collision based on where you set it and how you refresh the car or the app. After a master rest (not related to 3.6+ that I havn't been able to get) I'm unable to set my home charing location. Thus now my limits don't exist either. I'm thinking Sync...
  2. azerik

    Steeda Front Sway Bar! It is awesome. Transforms the car into what it should be.

    I'm thinking I'm going to back down the bar settings. Pulling into my driveway is nearly a 3 wheel experience. The front of the car is planted, no lean at all in my hardest cornering on the second hole front and rear. I'm still very happy with them but am going to experiment. I'm trying to...
  3. azerik

    Need help with PAAK setup

    Try turning off your phones wifi. If you have a pi-hole or other ad blocking it might well block the download source.
  4. azerik

    Why Does Ford Hide Updates History?

    I think it's because they're releasing updates in different orders and to different areas (or group of vins). The sure fire way to cause mass confusion and internet knowledge to challenge service advisors/techs is show the updates. Que the: "My buddies car got this update and 14 others on the...
  5. azerik

    Don't Trust Your Ford Dealers Service Department

    THAT exactly. They should be able to order the pre-painted part. I wouldn't let them bork up the front end with manual paint on a 1 yr old car. The wheel arch should be no problem. The front bumper might be able to touch up and buff. I'd ask for the front to be PPE'd for your...
  6. azerik

    GT/5.0 Emblem Opinion

    Can someone enlighten me on the e4 X thing? Is that AWD? in some odd way or the Magnaride designation? I agree on keeping the sides simple. Decals if anything. Then the small GT where ROW put it.
  7. azerik

    Rattles and Whistle

    I thought that was Raddle(r) and Electrical Hum
  8. azerik

    Front diff problem?

    Check those drive logs. Make sure Bobby wasn't out doing beer runs.
  9. azerik

    Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2

    You and me man, paddling our way down the Blue Oval creek
  10. azerik

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    Maybe Ford paid their AWS bills for the storage. Or someone realized the bucket policy was blocking everyone but the Dev Team.
  11. azerik

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    Yes. There is a slightly higher on peak time. But they also give you a 3 month trial. If it's higher you can switch back to the other plan with no issues. However out electricity bill doubles in Summer because 110+ daily temps are the norm. But the pool pump and car charging are 2 of the 3 big...
  12. azerik

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    Trying this as well. I just got off the phone with the OTA call support. Nothing they could do other than suggest go to the dealer and push via FDRS. Though they didn't even see that the car says canceled. I do however always have the lights in auto so who knows. I'm creating way more...
  13. azerik

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    Possibly pays for an "rebates" the Electric Co gives for installing an EVSE.
  14. azerik

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    Looks like you could save by switching to Geico. Or lying and saying you don't have an EV. The nonsense is real.
  15. azerik

    Power-Up Software 4.1.3 pushed

    Mine won't connect to my phone either, but I also don't have youtube (stuck in unless that's part of the mobile apps that I also don't have. Heck mine kinda hates my home wifi as well. I tried forcing an update OTA like actually OTA by turning off wifi. No dice.
  16. azerik

    OTA Update Status Hidden in the Ford Website

    OTAM_S1011 Appears to be Customer canceled (of some sort)
  17. azerik

    Update in progress, do you still want to reset?

    Looks like the reset was a bad choice on my part. OTA status reflects when I did this: "latestStatus": { "aggregateStatus": "cancelled", "detailedStatus": "OTAM_S1011", "dateTimestamp": "2023-01-09T19:44:04.292+00:00" }...
  18. azerik

    OTA Update Status Hidden in the Ford Website

    Grr the refresh via crt+r vs the debugger reload... "latestStatus": { "aggregateStatus": "cancelled", "detailedStatus": "OTAM_S1011", "dateTimestamp": "2023-01-09T19:44:04.292+00:00" }, I think this is going to screw me...
  19. azerik

    DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    Not a guess, logic. Yeah the heat has to come from somewhere. Logically I looked at what others said and saw the only place for it to easily come from is the same heating loop as the cabin. In the screen shots above he's showing exactly what I was saying about having to cut the cabin heat to...
  20. azerik

    OTA Updates stuck on 3.5.4

    Ugh. I really really hope Ford is rolling updates together (and not mentioning the lower updates in the 'heres what changed log') and not sending out individual updates all over. That's just asking for problems as the 'must have x and x and x in order to get x update' causes so much config drift...