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  1. MachEMaster

    No Regen During High Speed Corner.

    I exited the highway after some "spirited" driving, and continued on some winding country roads. I approached a turn and backed off the accelerator, expecting some Regen braking before the turn in. What surprised me was there was little to no Regen realized, and as the outside wheels loaded up...
  2. MachEMaster

    Tesla Trolls. Ford Mustang Mach E enthusiasts, and community geared around helping each other to enjoy and get the best from their vehicles. It's getting watered down by the "Model Y blah blah blah" . You are on the wrong site!?
  3. MachEMaster

    Mach E RC. Buy it?

    I didn't listen to my inner, when you see it you buy it.
  4. MachEMaster

    Confirm 150 Lbs/Ft. Wheel Nut Torque?

    Just wanted to confirm the 150 Ft. Lbs MME Wheel Nut Torque called out in the owners manual. Just got it back from the 16k Kms initial service, and wanted to torque check. Seems like a high number to me. Thanks.
  5. MachEMaster

    Merry Christmas.

  6. MachEMaster

    EV Vida Chargeport Dent Protector

    This is my second attempt at installing the 3D printed charge port door limiter. I tore the ears off last time trying to fandangle it into place. Does anyone have advice on popping the outer door off, to gain more access? Im not sure how it releases? Thanks.
  7. MachEMaster

    GTPE upgraded HVBJB?

    I have the opportunity to trade up to a GTPE. It is build 5940 9/276. Is this after the May 2022 upgraded contactor unit? Appreciate the help. Thanks.
  8. MachEMaster

    Tire Rotation Question

    If I rotate the tires as per the manual, positioning both rears to the front, and swapping front tires to the opposite side rear, my rims will not be "facing" the same way on the vehicle. The rims look directional. Am I missing something here? T
  9. MachEMaster

    Spotters Thread: MMEs in the Wild.

    Post up pictures of Mustang Mach Es out and about. Saw this wicked Dark Green Mach E Premium, when I ran out to pick up whipped cream for the Pumpkin Pie!
  10. MachEMaster

    Your Worst “EV Driving Score”?

    Just curious. If you go into FordPass, and click on “Vehicle”, “Charging”, “My EV driving”, “Driving score”, what is the absolute Worst percentage you have attained? I know I’m not the only Lead Foot around here! Mine was 64%…
  11. MachEMaster

    Breaker Panel Too Small for EV Charger

    I had a surprise visit from my neighbor who just took delivery of his sweet Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat. This is the first I have seen in the Wild. He had not yet got his charger installed, and was using level 1 at home, and parking at a local University, to use the free level 2. Our home...
  12. MachEMaster

    Max A/C selected. Defaults to HI (Hot) Temp setting!?

    This is really the only quirk that regularly pops up when operating my vehicle. I will go into the climate control page on the display. I select Max A/C, then I bump the fan speed up to Max 7. Then I comment on what a hot day it is. I then realize the temperature setting is at HI Hot!? Has...
  13. MachEMaster

    Cleaning / removing sunscreen sunscreen and white marks / stains off vegan leather black seats?

    Ok, anyone found a good solution to get sunscreen and other white marks and stains off the black seats? Lol. I took a microfibre cloth with Dawn Dish Soap & Warm Water, and it didn’t take it out.
  14. MachEMaster

    Vintage Ford Wrench

    Looking through my toolbox and dug out this old Ford Wrench. It’s amazing how far automobiles have come. No more spare tire or tools. Only a tire inflator and some sealant for the Mustang Mach-E.
  15. MachEMaster

    Would you buy a MME with a 6 speed manual shifter?

    Would you buy a MME with a 6 speed manual shifter? There are times when I would select this Mode.
  16. MachEMaster

    Remote Start and Interior A/C control

    If I Remote Start using Ford Pass, while NOT connected to a charger, can I control the air conditioning temp and fan setting? I just want to get the A/C up and running before I leave work, without being hooked up to a charger, and with no departure time. Thanks.
  17. MachEMaster

    Ford Intelligent Backup Power for MME

    I am really interested in the Ford Intelligent Home Backup Power, that the Ford F-150 Lightning is able to deliver. I was wondering If anyone had any insight if Ford and Sunrun had plans to expand to other vehicles with extended range batteries?
  18. MachEMaster

    Tips & Tricks: Frunk Tub and Panel Disassembly.

    I am getting ready to do the 12v battery access plugs at the Frunk. I was hoping those that have done it could share some tips before I tackle the job. I am worried about breaking or losing panel clips and fasteners. Thanks!
  19. MachEMaster

    Ford Eluminator EV Crate Motor!

    I apologize if this has already been posted and analyzed, but this is so cool!
  20. MachEMaster

    What is everyone using to play music in their MME other than the radio? I

    What is everyone using to play music in their MME other than the radio? I want to be able to play music without using data, and I don’t have an extensive iTunes library. Thanks