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  1. cdale12

    Another GTPE Bites the Dust After 22S41!

    Got the 22S41 update on Thursday. Only drove a few miles locally Friday with no issues. Did a 170 mile roundtrip today and 1/4 mile from home, the wrench popped up and the power was severely limited. I did a quick accel up the hill by my house when it happened, but not WOT. Seems this update...
  2. cdale12

    Bars Bars Bars!

    Charged to 100% last night for a trip to the airport this morning. Temp was 55-65 on the 90+ mile trip. Can’t believe the gray bars that were holding the power back the entire trip. I had this in the winter while driving but wow, on a nice sunny morning and moderate temps I wouldn’t expect it...
  3. cdale12

    Battery Power reduction on long trip

    I did a 400 mile trip in my MME last week and when the GPS calculated my trip it wanted me to stop and charge 3 times. I ended up deciding to charge more at the 1st stop and eliminating the 2nd stop. So, I had a long interval in the middle. All highway and I was running 80-85mph mostly using BC...
  4. cdale12

    Grabber Blue GTPE Delivered to PA!

    Dealer called and told me my MME GTPE just arrived at the dealership! Here are a few pics the dealer took just after unloading (still dirty). It arrived early as it was scheduled for 9/20 and got there on 9/9. The bummer is, I'm traveling for work and won't be able to pick it up until the 17th. ?