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  1. 4 months 6k miles experience with the Mach e

    Here we go: BACKGROUND: I didn’t look to buy an EV. Just needed another car and want it to be a sporty crossover, AWD, not cloth interior , CarPlay , and within my budget. When I found the Mach E, I had to figure out if an EV would work for me. I ordered December 2021, car got built July 16...
  2. Update PU-0603-DC -CHG any insight

    Just got this update about the charging curve. Surprised given I’ve got a recent 2022 build . Any insight?
  3. Can’t re-activate plug in charge with latest Ford pass version

    I’ve had multiple issues with the Ford pass app. I don’t have access to the route planner and after an elevated care .. ford has been negligent in their own own commitment to contact me in 3-5 business days. And now I can’t even re-able plug in charge on 4.22. @Ford Motor Company my ford pass...
  4. Trip planner gone from Ford Pass app

    My trip planner just disappeared from the App. I’ve got a case open with Ford, but wondering if this happened to anyone else?
  5. Colorado Tax Credit

    Based on It looks like the credit can either be on your taxes or Point of sale applied. Anyone in Colorado know if the dealers are trying to make it point of sale?
  6. 7/4/22 Build Week Chat

    Sure why not start dreaming early..