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  1. Thunderanger

    Getting a new windshield next week, any advice?

    Dealer is doing the install with an OEM windshield. They are going to recalibrate everything too. While they have it, which is gonna be about 2 days to let the epoxy dry and program everything, they are going to check for recalls, software updates, etc and take care of those for us. Am I...
  2. Thunderanger

    Tips on connecting youtube via sync and iphone wifi hot spot?

    Hey Iphone users. We are about to head on a long trip from Missouri to Georgia. Needless to say we'll be stopping to charge multiple times. So far I have been unable to view youtube via my iphone's wifi hotspot. Are there any secrets? Do I need to enable cell data for the wifi hotspot or...
  3. Thunderanger

    Kansas City chargers

    As a former resident of KC (just about 20 years) we still go back to see friends, the dentist, doctor appointments, etc. Once again today, despite checking the status of the ONE DCFC on the north side of KC ahead of time, and being assured it was working great, it did not. So once again this...
  4. Thunderanger

    St Louis to Atlanta?

    Hey All. I searched and didn't find a post regarding this specific trip. We're about to head to Milledgeville, GA from north of St. Louis. Leaving 12/14 so the weather will be cold. We've got a 21 select with SR battery. Has anyone made the St. Louis to Atlanta trip before who might have...
  5. Thunderanger

    Charge port door connector replacement part?

    Damned if I didn't get distracted and forget to close the charge port door before backing out of my garage this AM. The result was that the little black plastic thing that's attached to the door itself that engages into the port area to hold the door in place while driving broke off. The...
  6. Thunderanger

    Just got my first ever notification of an OTA update.

    I got 2.8.2 As usual, from what I've read, their description was very generic. Anyone know what I may have gotten in the update?
  7. Thunderanger

    An interesting article from NPR on the first Lightning delivered.

    Yes, I realize this should be on the Lightening forum, but I'm sure some here will be interested in a quick read about the first LIghtening delivered. Enjoy:
  8. Thunderanger

    Climate control while charging?

    Hey all. The other day I was charging at a new Chargepoint station and had a little trouble getting it going, but eventually did. In the meantime either I or my wife inadvertently turned on the accessories in the car. Anyway, we went inside for an ice cream cone and came back out 20 minutes...
  9. Thunderanger

    My dealer has agreed to update my charging modules

    First, thanks to generaltso for downloading my update list for me. Very much appreciated sir. Second, my dealer has agreed, reluctantly, to update my charging modules so we can dcfc faster up to 90%. Just to be sure I'm asking them to do the proper updates, those are the BECM and OBCC...
  10. Thunderanger

    Adding my Ford Home Charger to Ford Navigation?

    Hello. I checked a handful of threads, and man there are a million regarding Nav and charging, is there a way to add my Ford Home Charger to the Ford Navigation? We were running tight on charge (expecting to get home with about 20 miles remaining per the GOM) and Ford Nav kept trying to...
  11. Thunderanger

    Sync keeps blowing away my preset XM stations.

    Any insight as to how to stop that. It's annoying as heck. I assume it's related to all of these other updates that have been happening lately. Thoughts please.
  12. Thunderanger

    Charged next to a camouflaged BMW I5 tonight.....

    It was driven by an incredibly nice BMW rep. It had about 1800 miles on it. Incredible car. WOW! All the badging was covered etc. I asked him about price points. He said the one he was driving would be approximately $103K as equipped and would start at $80K. It had a 100kw battery...
  13. Thunderanger

    Is it possible to name your iphone in FP?

    My wife and I both have Iphones and it's a tad confusing as to which is connected at any given time. If we could just name them, that would help. Is there a way to do that? Thanks.
  14. Thunderanger

    How much space on the wall will the Connect Charge need?

    My electrician is coming any day now to install my Charge Connect. Quick question. When allotting space on the wall, how much do I need to allow for it, including the clip to hold the cord and cord space? Is it best to put the cord clip next to it as the installation manual shows, or below...
  15. Thunderanger

    Bluetooth not connecting to Mobile Charger

    I've tried and tried and tried, but neither my phone or my wife's phone will connect to the Ford provided mobile charger via bluetooth. It charges, but we can't connect to it and therefore can't connect it to our Ford Pass. Any suggestions would be most welcome. BTW, I search the threads here...
  16. Thunderanger

    Door sill height?

    Hey All. Bruce here. Just considering purchasing a Mach-e. Seems like a great vehicle. Unfortunately there are only 7 within 200 miles of us here in remote Missouri. My wife doesn't want a vehicle that is too low to the ground. The sill height of our RAV 4 (a very mediocre vehicle in my...