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  1. 2FlyMache

    Greenville SC to Lamar MO and back home to Augusta GA, the good and bad

    So, just took a 1997 mile trip from Greenville SC to Lamar MO and back to pick up some Boston puppies. The wife had to travel to Florida for her mom so had to use the MachE for the trip. First off, the Ford Navigation worked pretty well for the most part and better than ABRB in my opinion. Still...
  2. 2FlyMache

    Continental DWS 06 Plus 245/50/19 installed and performance results

    So, my 225's finally needed to be replaced so I decided I would go to the 245 50 19's and here are some of my initial observations. The ride is way better, smoother, quieter and better traction. The range question always gets asked so after my normal commute what I saw was a 10% decrease in...
  3. 2FlyMache

    FordPass 4.11 update

    Just updated my FordPass to 4.11 and apparently I can acknowledge and delete my messages but it still shows that I have a message to view on notifications. Anyone else seeing this too?
  4. 2FlyMache

    Savini Wheels?

    Anyone have any experience with Savini Wheels. Looking at the SV-F1 Double Dark tint with Gloss black and 245/50/19 tires